Sunday, April 8, 2012

Toddler Bed Night 1

Its happening people. Tonight M is sleeping in her new toddler bed for the first time after a week of escaping her crib. I AM SO NOT READY FOR THIS on many different levels!!

As I write this blog (from my trusty iphone) I've watched her climb out of the bed a few times already on the video monitor. Which btw, how did we EVER survive as mothers with a video monitor??! I mean really?! Each time she's returned quickly as if she's about to get caught. I can only pray it's a smooth transition and I don't have a wondering toddler at all hours of the night.

But if I do, I'll be blocking her in by double stacking baby gates like I had to do with K. Sounds crazy, but if your kid can climb out of a crib with the mattress on the floor- a baby gate is nothing! But 2 is impossible! And yes, K slept the first 3 nights on the floor in front of her door, but she was safe.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

March Madness

Hi guys!! I'm alive!! I'm sorry if I've been MIA....March was completely crazy! Here's a little run down..

First there was my Los Angeles work trip...
{The Rooftop bar of The Standard Hotel}

Then 2 days later there was VEGAS with the BFF.... Which was a complete blast! Why don't I go there more often? Its only a 51 min. flight! Note to self...GO TO VEGAS MORE OFTEN! And we did it right let me tell you! 2 days...5 hours sleep...rolled around VIP style, partied with Lil Jon, Coolio, and Too Short, Saw Peep Show (which was fantastic BTW), drank and danced all night long!

Pretty much sums it up ;)

Came home, and enjoyed a nice dinner with friends. I love these ladies!

And also got back to these precious little things...

We did the 3rd annual Walk of Hope with RESOLVE!

and took a camping trip up north with some friends...

and I've been really working on my fitness...Bikini season is upon us!

In addition to the above, M now climbs out of her crib even though the mattress is on the floor (hello toddler bed)! Even worse is she brags about it. Walks out of her room and says "I climb out my bed". Someone hold me! K is turning 8 on the 19th and is having a sleepover party next weekend, and L has been giving me a run for my money! Life has been crazy to say the least!

BTW I hate going this long without blogging...I never know how to start back up again and how to catch up or to even try, and I miss you so I promise I will try and end my hiatus now!