Monday, August 15, 2011

Life Lately

Man, I hate not being able to blog more than once a week, because when that happens I have like 2947629204 things to say and my posts become a jarbled mess about everything. Well this is going to be one of those posts, along with some pictures of course. I've been crazy busy with lots of things going where do we start...

I continued my birthday celebration and had a fabulous girls weekend here at The W Hotel. Here we call them "staycations". Its where you check into one of the local resorts in the summer and have little getaway without leaving the city. Its very popular here in the summer, then the snow birds come in and take over. It was the most perfect weekend! I had SO much fun! Our weekend included going out for cocktail's, lounging pool side, and sushi of course! All kid and husband free...because every girl needs that once in a while.

K started back at school last Thursday. 2nd grade people! Boy this summer went by SO quick!

I cant believe it. I am going to miss the little booger with me all the time. It was a lot less stressful starting school this year because her first grade teacher looped up to 2nd grade and took her whole class with her. So K has the same teacher and classmates as last year! Easy peasy. She also started dance again, so we are at the dance studio 2 afternoon's a week.

 Little M is fabulous these days, we are loving this age. She is 19 months, can you believe that?!

(blurry but so cute!)

She is slowly starting to talk more, she tries she really does. She says: Dada, mama, kay kay, cat, meow, quack quack, die die (bye bye, lol.), cup, hi, hug, eyes, nose, and a few more. She LOVES to give kisses and loves to draw. Circles are her favorite...

She's learning her shapes and colors, loves playing with her little people, baby doll, and books. We are already thinking about putting her in school part time once she turns 2 after the new year.

She is also a teething mess right now, cutting all 4 incisors at once. These and the molars have been the worst. But she's still a little angel!

Work has been stressful, business has been SO bad the last couple months, which is kinda scary. However I am hopeful that things will turn around soon. We've had bad times before and bounced back, but this has been pretty bad. It's been a stresser that's for sure!

And on the TTC front, I am 16 or 17 dpo and still waiting on my period to show up! ARG! That's the one thing I hate about not taking progesterone in the 2ww....being out of control. I took a trigger shot, so surely I O'ed, but I do think I have a cyst. Ever since my trigger, my left ovary has been really bothering me so maybe that's why I haven't gotten AF yet? Who knows, hopefully that b!tch shows up soon because the plan is to stat bcp once she arrives to prep for IVF. We are still trying to work out the finances, but I am hoping and praying it works out. In any case, I am preparing and going on bcp's is the first step!

So as you can see we've been really busy, and we have family in town this week but hopefully I can get back to blogging regularly again soon! Miss you guys!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

My Birthday & A Surprising Update

Sorry I haven't been updating the blog, I've had a crazy week! Monday was my know...the big 29 I mean 26! On Friday my BFF who lives in LA decided since she had 3 days off that she would drive over and surprise me! That was the best gift be able to spend 3 days with her and her little one (who is 4 months younger than M!). I was lucky enough to spend my birthday with all the people that mean the most to me, and that's all I really wanted.  The new pink Coach bag they got me wasn't too bad either ; )  We went to Benihana's to kick off my last year in my 20's.

We took a trip to the splash pad...

and then us momma's had some 'big girl time' and went out for sushi and dessert!

Now onto the surprising update...

Monday I had an IVF consult at my clinic and tomorrow I have another one at another clinic who is offering a more competitive price for IVF right now as part of s summer special. You read that right, we *MIGHT* be doing IVF! Betcha thought I'd never say that again! I never thought I'd say that again! Nothing is set in stone, and no final decision has been made, but I am really working on getting my DH on board. He agreed to me going for the consults, and obviously is considering it.

Now it all comes down to the numbers. It costs SO much money and we are all OOP, which is why I am even consulting at another clinic- cost! Meds alone would run me 2,500-3,500!! I just don't know if in the end I can get him to agree to spending that much money, so I am trying my best to get this as cheap as possible. I have contacted a group who helps donate unopened/unexpired fertility meds to those who need it to see if anyone has anything to donate, so I have been added to the "want list". My current RE would put me on the antagonist protocal, so I need follistim or other similar stim, low dose hcg, ganirelix, and estrace. If any of you have anything left over, I can take that off your hands ; ) ANYTHING would help!

We'll see how it goes tomorrow with the other RE and then we'll go from there! If we do this, I would start birth control (21 days as part of the antagonist protocol) when I get my next period, which would be in another week or two! I just PRAY and PRAY that this works out.