Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Pounding The Pavement

Slanging my résumé has been my life for the past week. Last Friday I took my résumé, along with a bottle of Moët (because you know how I do) to my old fertility clinic. I spent about two hours there with them visiting and catching up with everyone. They honestly are like family to me. I spoke with Dr. J about a job opportunity in between clients and he is considering. He has to speak with his team because they are a medical group. I would be doing sales, marketing, PR for them.

Then Monday in stopped by another well known fertility clinic here in the valley for the same opportunity. The meeting went very well and they are also considering.

When I got home yesterday I started applying for more jobs online and emailing my résumé to various companies and last night while meeting a girlfriend for dinner and drinks I got a call back from one of them. I have an interview with them at noon today. They are a sales, marketing, PR firm that deals with health and wellness companies.

Anyways, it's looking very good for me on the job front and this momma should be employed very soon. The thing is I will only take a job that is going to be the most flexible and whoever pays the most.

Wish me luck!!!


Saturday, January 12, 2013


I just want to take a moment on this early Saturday morning to say I'm so glad I'm blogging again, and that you my readers have supported me through so many things. From infertility, to adoption, divorce and moving, and most of all watching my kids grow throughout the years.

I started this blog in 2008 and never for a second would've thought I would have gone on the journey I have. So I just want to THANK YOU ALL for going on this crazy ride with me and the best is yet to come! I am healthy and the happiest I've ever been, I have 2 beautiful sweet angels that god has blessed me with, and I'm forever grateful that I have been given the opportunity to be their mother. They will and always will be my number 1 priority in life.... No matter where this road leads me.

I love you all and hope you have a blessed and joyous weekend!

Friday, January 11, 2013

Check Me Out!!

A couple of weeks ago a good friend of mine who knows I get Botox regularly called me said "Hey Lisa...when was the last time you had Botox?" I told her it had been 3/4 months. She said "great well how would you like some FREE?" I said SURE....but there was a have to be on the news.

Done and done.

There is no shame in my game, and I advocate for Botox so WHY NOT?!

So I went the next afternoon, meet with the PR girl, my friend, and Heather Moore from CBS 5 along with her camera crew! The deed was done and I think I did pretty good! I was not nervous at ALL and everyone said I was a complete natural on camera. No retakes here ;)

It finally aired 2 nights ago, so here it is! Your truly on the 10oclock news :)

Friday, January 4, 2013

New Year, New Beginnings

This is a picture of me holding the keys to MY new place. My husband and I are separating. Although this may come as a shock to you, its been a year in the making. We tried, went to counseling, but in the end we just are right for each other. The split is mutual and amicable so hopefully it will stay that way. We are committed to our children and doing whats best for them. Our new house is only 2 miles away from here, so we will be close and close to the kids schools, friends, etc.

Its whats best and although no one wants to get a divorce, I am really excited for what the future holds for me and having a fresh new start!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE my new place! Its a 3 bedroom, 3 bath, 1500sq. foot town home with a 2 car garage in a small lovely gated community. I feel safe there and it really is perfect!!!

So heres to kicking off 2013 off right and new beginnings!