Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: OOTD

{Jimmy Choo sunglasses}

{Stripped/Knotted cardigan, Anthropology}

{Double layer sequin tank, Gap}

{Jessica Simpson Forever Skinny jeans}

{Riding boots, DSW last year}

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

3 Things

1.) M loves her new "Nastics" class! And she is by far the cutest one there. For realz, just look at her its totally obvs.

2.) Toddler are complete little weirdos. If you have toddler this is no surprise to you. Tuesday's and Thursday's I am home with M, and today she asked for a "unkin" (Pumpkin) shaped sandwich (turkey & cheese) and INSISTED on a side a Trix. I obligedd because she really is such a great eater and I knew she would eat all the good stuff first (and she did!)

3.) If you have an iPhone and take 18166372 pictures a day like I, then you must download this free app called Postal Pix. It allows you to order prints (and more!) directly from your iPhone using your iPhone pics! Of course you have to pay for your prints, but its pretty reasonable. I think 4x6's are .21 cents. I cant believe I didn't discover this sooner. Finally I will have some of these prints, because really some of my most precious pictures I capture on my phone and then I am too eRetared to do anything with them after that. This one is a WIN!

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Favorite Things: Hair Edition

With all these posts about heat free style and such, I started getting questions about what products I use and love, so naturally I shall blog :) Ask and you shall recieve.

I'm just going to put it out there...I'm a Redken girl! No blowing smoke up your ass, that's what I like and thats what I use for the most part. Their products really saved my hair after some asshat thought it was great idea to run bleach through my already over processed blonde hair. Hello chemical cut!? Anyways, after that nightmare, I started using Redken's Extreme line religiously. Specifically the shampoo, conditioner, the once a week treatment, and the Anti-Snap leave in.

Now that my hair is healthy again (well healthier, I still am a fake blonde, and you cant go from dark brown to blonde without damage) I've transitioned to drug store shampoo/conditioner. Usually Pantene, or Dove, sometimes Loreal, but mostly one of the three (which ever is on sale or that I have a coupon for). I still use Redken products, but I don't really need the whole line of stuff anymore, and my hair needs have changed some. So here hair product/s routine.

Wash with one of the shampoo/conditioners above every 3-4 days. Yes, I only wash my hair about 2x per week. It is very dry and is actually best 2/3 days post wash!

One wash per week I do the Extreme Strength Builder mask in between shampoo and conditioning.

After towel dried, I use Redken's Smooth Down Detangling Creme, because this stuff be a ratty mess! Especially if its been curled! Yikes. Takes me about 10 min. just to comb through it.

Then, its on to the Anti Snap! 5 pumps to be exact. It's a leave in treatment that helps strengthen distressed and or over processed  hair. AKA a lifesaver for a fake blonde!! It also helps protect from any breakage and split ends. Seriously, if I was only going to pick 1 salon quality product for my hair- this would be it!  

After I apply those two products, I comb through it, get rid of any access water, and start applying my makeup. By the time my makeup is done (about 10 min) my hair is 1/2 air dried. Then I apply the new Argan-6 oil from the All Soft line.

If you like Moroccan oil, you will love this! I still love Moroccan oil, but its so expensive and my hair guy had a special running (buy 2 get 1 free!) so I snapped this right up! And I LOVE it! It smooths everything down, its very light, has a great smell, and a little goes a long way! I use like 2 pumps and I'm good, and I have a lot of hair! Best part, is that it can be used on wet, dry, or damp hair. I prefer to use it on damp hair, but I have used it post blowdry before and it works nicly then too. My guy said this will last forever, and I agree because I only use 2 pumps and the bottle is huge.

That's it! If I need hairspra on days that I am styling, I use Garnier Sleek and Shine Hairspray. It's my personal drug store fav. It works fantastic, isn't too much but holds well, and smells good. Best of all- its inexpensive. Any everyone loves inexpensive!

Do I spend a lot on salon quality hair products? Yes. Do I think that everyone needs to do so to have fabulous hair? No! Not at all! I do because of the way I process, bleach, and style my hair. So I use these products to help maintain its straight and lenght. If I were my natural color, I would probably spend a lot less! It would be a good leave in treatment and hairspray for styling purposes. But because I bleach, color, or BOTH every 5 weeks, its imperative that I take good care of my hair....unless I want another chemical cut. And that's not cute. Like at all. No thanks!

Friday, February 24, 2012

More Heat Free Hair Styles

I love sharing these neat little hair tips because they are serisouly so easy! And ff you had a hairstyle that was this cute, that was this easy I WOULD WANT TO KNOW about it! So I share, your welcome, and I love you :)

Yesterday (and the 2 days before) M was sick, so I certainly wasn't worried about styling my hair. However, if you know me at.all you know I don't go leaving the house looking all raggity or not put together even if I'm dying, so its easy styles or a cute plain pony. But I do get tired of the same ole ponytail! Which leaves me with coming up with other things to do with it. So sometimes I do a little of this...a loose side braid.

Very effortless and cute right? That's air dried hair, from last night, side part, and braid on the same side as the part. Leave it after your first or second attempt, don't over think it or else it begins to look too "put together".

Done and done.

But who wants to deal with the kinky mess that was a cute braid the day before? Well that would be no one, which is why a lot of people don't braid nearly as much as they should.

So what do you do the next day? Well this, this is what you do....

Alias, the braided bun! Exciting right?! Again, don't over "do" it. I literally slept in  my side braid, so 1/2 of it fell out. I grabbed it all into a low pony and wrapped it up in another hair tie. Yes, the one securing the braid is still there, its just tucked inside! Simple as that and it turned out super cute!

So here are 2 more effortless hairstyles! Both super cute, heat free, and easy! Happy Hairsyling!


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Tweep Up - Scottsdale 2012

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to meet two of the most amazing woman on the planet. Two girls, that I just happened to meet on Twitter. And when you meet someone from twitter in real life, it is called a "Tweep up".

These two ladies and I were brought together through heartache and tragedy (infertility) and its amazing how something so horrible can bring you something so amazing. Friendship. Lifelong friendship.

The instant connection and bond we all shared was deeper than any of us had expected, and certianly was amazing considering we had never even spoke on the phone before our first embrace. Yep, you read that right. The first time I heard their voices was as I was hugging them tightly when I picked them up at the aiport.

But yet, I didnt feel in the slighetst that I was meeting and spending the weekend with complete and utter stangers. It felt like I was picking up old friends that I grew up with. Girls I went to college with, not infertile chicks I met on the Internet.

The reality is, is that I know a lot more about them then probably their real friends know. We all talk multiple times per day since last summer, and planned this "tweep up" in Novemeber.

The day had finally come though--to meet my #soulsisters the other 2 members of our #blondemafia And none of us will ever be the same. It was CRAZY FUN!!! With a lot of crazy, because that's how I roll.

We spent the weekend at The Hotel Valley Ho here in Scottsdale, AZ. We brunched, Botoxed, (it was the other girls first time!), laughed, happy houred, partied, hiked, spa'ed, dined, got our makeup done, shopped, partied, laughed, completed each other sentences, and took a ass load of pictures!

The weekend went by way too fast, and we didn't get to do a lot of the things we had wanted. An extra day or two is in order for next. Because THERE WILL BE A NEXT TIME! We are already discussing possibly Miami?

Here are just *some* of the remaining pics on my phone. I'm trying to organize my photos from this weekend a have already moved/deleted most of them. And since I'm blogging from bed at this moment (Little M is running a fever and cuddles are in progress) this is all you get....for now ;)

In very random order. More soon!

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wordless Wednesday: Hiking!

Gua Sha

So you all know I'm pretty fecking crazy right?? Well yesterday I proved us all right and had some crazy ass ancient Chinese technique that left me looking like I had fallen off a motorcycle on the freeway without a top on.

Its called Gua Sha.

I figured since I'm done having children, its time to take care of me and some of the issues I have been putting off. The biggest issue: my back!! I have scoliosis, and I know I've talked about it before on here but its 5:30am and I don't feel like trying to find that post, but basically I have moderate to severe (31 degrees to be exact) curvature of the spine. My worst curvature is in my upper back in between my shoulder blades.

My scoliosis is something that causes me great anxiety. It is something I have spend my entire life since the age of 12 avoiding. SO facing this is HUGE for me. But the facts remain, it causes me horrific pain of my life for the last 10+ years. Its FINALLY time to do something other than pop pills, and have (2) 48lb children walk on it nightly. I mean that's great and all, but yea...

So I started seeking out alternative therapy's opposed to the shots in the spine that my H gets. I am SO not ready for that, not saying I will never do it, but definitely not for me now. Baby steps here people!

Yesterday I met with an AMAZING chiropractor/Muscle Therapy/Alternative treatment Dr and we did a couple of things- NO CRACKING involved...that's something else I'm scared of- Chiropractors.

We started off with some rolfing (which was a little painful but I could see how amazing I would feel after) then 10 min. of heat therapy, then started the Gua Sha. Basically Gua Sha is started by them feeling through your muscles for any knots or adhesion's. In the locations where they do feel knots, they apply this special lotion and take this wood credit card looking thingy and rub it out. They do it with a very fast motion and with a lot of pressure, but the thingy glides easily because of the lotion.

I am not going to lie, it was painful at times but they would stop when it got too bad. And when I show you this picture you are certainly going to run for the hills, but I SWEAR you, its REALLY REALLY wasn't NEARLY as bad as it looks. And it is AMAZING! I felt incredible after- no pain, no tension, no knots/adhesion's, and SO relaxed...I just left there sporting what looked like some serious road rash...

Thank god I had a cardigan on!! And that tape on my back had nothing to do with the Gua Sha. The Dr. put it there to help support my shoulder and provide me with better posture.

Its really not road rash, there was absolutely NO breaking of the skin anywhere, its really more like a hickey, but not. Here is a little more info about the technique:

Gua Sha involves repeated pressured strokes over lubricated skin with a smooth edge. Commonly a ceramic Chinese soup spoon was used, or a well worn coin, even honed animal bones, water buffalo horn, or jade.
In cases of fatigue from heavy work a piece of ginger root soaked in rice wine is sometimes used to rub down the spine from head to tail.
The smooth edge is placed against the pre-oiled skin surface, pressed down firmly, and then moved down the muscles—hence the term "tribo-effleurage" (i.e., friction-stroking) -- or along the pathway of the acupuncture meridians, along the surface of the skin, with each stroke being about 4-6 inches long.

This causes extravasation of blood from the peripheral capillaries (petechiae) and may result in sub-cutaneous blemishing (ecchymosis), which usually takes 2–4 days to fade. Sha rash does not represent capillary rupture as in bruising, as is evidenced by the immediate fading of petechiae to echymosis, and the rapid resolution of sha as compared to bruising. The color of sha varies according to the severity of the patient's blood stasis—which may correlate with the nature, severity and type of their disorder—appearing from a dark blue-black to a light pink, but is most often a shade of red. Although the marks on the skin look painful, they are not. Patients typically feel immediate sense of relief and change. - From

Pretty freaking crazy right???! But I will say, I felt SUCH relief after and will defiantly be doing it again! I had never even heard about it until today!  Anyone ever done it? What was your experience like?

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

OOTD: Colored Pants

Oh yeahhhh I rock 'em! Colored pants are so "in" right now and really easy to pull off believe it or not! It's fun, its spices up your wardrobe, and I love it! I have a pair in pink and a bright red pair...which I have seem to lost the picture of. With the red, I rock a simple white loose fitting T and my black glittery TOMS! Get a pair, TRY it, how can you have a bad day in bright bubble gum pink pants???!

Top: Gap (on sale)
Pants: H&M ($12.95)
Shoes: BCBG Leather Wedges ($15 on clerance at Macy's last fall!)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Time Heals All Wounds?

They say time heals all wounds. But does it? If you ask people who have lost a loved one, they most always say no that time only makes the loss more tolerable to deal with, but that the wound is still same wound that it was X amount of time ago.

I think time heals certain wounds. Wounds that are capable to be healed. Wounds like the kind of wounds I have with regards to my infertility.

I often wondered (while still cycling, and shortly after) if I would ever be okay with the cards I've been dealt, or if it would always hurt this much? I really wasn't sure if it was possible to be okay with forever feeling like my family is incomplete. Forever feeling a void in my heart.The answer only lied with time.

3 months have passed since that final BFN; and since then there has been much more heartache with a surprise failed adoption, the inner issues that caused me and my family, and becoming a foster mom to my 6yo cousin. I've been through a LOT of heaartache, cried many tears, and said "why is life so unfair?" more times than I can ever count.

But today I can sit here and say that time IS healing my wounds. I am starting to feel a sense of gratuity that it is doing so because I simply cant imagine living with that heartache throughout my life. What a waste of a precious life. A few weeks ago I started reading a book titled:

This book has been a huge part of my "recovery" if you will and has sort of been a The Secret way of thinking for me. In years past, since The Secret came out, whenever I would get into a funk or any type of self loathing I would pick up The Secret to help change  my way of thinking and it ALWAYS helps. But with this particular wound, a wound I knew The Secret could not help, I searched for something else and found One Thousand Gifts.

(I have to warn you though, as I wasn't expecting it myself, it is a christian book. Its' fine with me, but just a warning for others who are considering reading it. I do however think that whether Christian or not, the message that this book sends is for everyone who is being challenged by life in some way).  

Basically, this book has helped me realize that yes although I was dealt with a tough hand, and yes I desperately wanted another child, I AM STILL UNDOUBTEDLY THE LUCKIEST WOMAN IN THE WORLD FOR GETTING NOT ONE BUT TWO AMAZING HEALTHY BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN and that you know what? Maybe god is not giving me a third child for a reason, maybe in the bigger picture its best that I only have 2 children, or somehow no matter how I will never  understand it, this is whats meant to be. The reality is, is that I have already been SO BLESSED.

It in a way has made me feel a little foolish for even asking for more when I have been given such an amazing (2) little people. But I couldn't help how I felt, and I certainly couldn't control those undeniable feelings for the chance to do it and maybe I was put on this journey, even to only end in despair, to find out things about myself. Like I am a LOT stronger than I ever thought I was, and that I need to find out more about myself outside of motherhood. If you would have told me even 5 years ago that by age 30 I would have gone through numerous hormone shots and infertility treatments, gone through a FAILED ADOPTION, and became a FOSTER MOM I would have NEVER, ever believed it.

So the past 3 months have been all about grieving, healing, and self discovery for me and its not over yet. I just wanted to put it out there that IF YOU CHOOSE to allow yourself to open up to other things, and to believe that this maybe part of something bigger, your way of thinking might change, and that can alone help you heal your wounds. And if not, it can certainly at least help you to "feel" better about your "current life".

The pain is still there, it just stings less, and I certainly don't have it all figured out (not even close) and may not ever, but today I am better. And tomorrow I will be even better, because its another day I am alive. Another day that my family is healthy and together. Another day that the sun will be shining and I will feel the warmth on my skin. Another day on this journey...I really do have a great life (with or without more children).

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Adoption Diaries: Chapter 3

Just in case your not to speed on this whole Adoption Diary thing see my label: Adoption for the update, then chapters 1 and 2.

{This post was originally written on 01-11-11}

Title: She's Here!!!

Juliette Isabella was born today at 5lbs 4oz and 19inches long. I'm such a ball of nervousness, crying, happy, excited, scared, all rolled into one. I booked a ticket for next sat and hope to bring her him next Monday the 23rd!! I'm just praying and praying that the BD (birth dad) finally gets 100% on board and is able to do the right thing for his little girl. I want nothing but the best for this new angel, and can do nothing else but leave it to god.

Stay tuned for Chapter 4...

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Better Disney Days

Just to follow up from my last post, M was MUCH better Day 2 of Disney! I really think a lot of it was that she just needed sleep! And little codeine cough syrup and omnicef if your keeping track....

She had the BEST time yesterday, and we made sure it made up for the day before :)

More pics! Driving home today (that is if we have enough gas money after the outlet mall at Palm Springs ;))

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Notes From Disney

You wouldn't believe this if I told you. Ms asthma or (RAD) has gotten SO bad since we got here. She was UP ALL night coughing, puking, coughing. Again, again, and again. She got maybe 5 hours sleep total. And can you believe there are NO pharmacies in the very near proximity of Disneyland? How do I know that? Well thats because at 12:30am last night I "ran out for some benedryl" oh you know, like normal at 12:30 at night, and THERE ARE NO PHARMACIES!

Nothing is working, have had to call the pedi twice already. I hate this for her. It's so bad now, I just had to leave the others at Disneyland and bring M back to the room for her breathing treatment- and that doesn't even help right now. Contemplating ER. At least gma, my BFF and the big girls are having fun! Their in Toon Town right MY toon town, but the real Toon Town.

Poor M, I just hate that thid is how her first Disney trip has started. But I just got her down to nap (finally) and I'm blogging from my phone because I can't make a move or god forbid turn anything else on.

To end on a happier note, Here are some pics from our trip so far :) Hopefully some better times for M to come!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Road Trip!

We left town today on a road trip to The Happiest Place on Earth aka Disneyland in California! And that's where we'll be (me, my gma, and my kids) until Tuesday!

Actually, I am typing this blog post from a Mc Donald's outside of Palm Springs as the kids are burning off some energy in the play place.

Be back next week :)