Friday, February 27, 2009

Our Plan for Next Cycle

I emailed my RE this morning about doing an all injectable IUI next cycle because I have 2 boxes of Follistim just sitting in my fridge, and thought I might as well use them right? I only produced 1 follie on the 50mg of clomid so I figured I would see what he thought before I have to go in for my CD 3 stuff again.

He just called and thinks we should try to up the clomid to 100mg (great more hot flashes!) this cycle and then if that doesnt work, use the Follistim the next cycle. So thats the plan and I am okay with that. I just hope that the 100mg will produce more than 1 follie and hopefully not increase the HOT FLASHES anymore than on the 50mg.

Bring on the clomid I'm not crazy enough already?!


The Wilson's said...

If I remember right, I had less hot flashes with 100 mg of clomid - but I highly recommend saying no to 150 mg... that was horrible!!! I loved my follistim injections, besides some bloating, my side effects were very minimal. I did have some issues with hyper stimulation of my ovaries though, but not until much later.

Lisa said...

Thanks for the, I defiantly will no do 150mg!! I cant imagine what that would bring. If this doesnt work, we will be using my left over follistim next cycle!