Monday, February 8, 2010

Mother of 2

Is a lot harder than being a mother of 1! A lot harder. My time is divided, my attention is divided, and if I thought I had no time before, well I was sadly mistaken because I have much less now. Of course I knew this would be the case before having Miss M, but its one of those things that you don't know exactly how it is going to be until you experience it. I welcome the change, but it is a change and like with all change you have to adjust.

First off, I am trying to get used to having to pack and load up the whole house again before I leave. I seriously feel like I am leaving the house for a week long trip every time I leave. Big huge beautiful purse, Check! (notice that this is first on my list ;) Big huge beautiful diaper bag, Check! Big, huge, and very heavy car seat, Check! The baby in it, Check! The big sister, Check! And all her goodies, Check! Whew...I remember feeling the same way when I first had Kay, but with 2 its harder. It takes twice as long to get in and out of the car, then I have Kay arguing with me about who I am going to get out first (she still rides in a 5 point harness car seat, the mother of all car seats if you will).

Really it boils down to time, managing it, and realizing that things are just going to take longer. Twice as long. Sometimes I will only be able to feed Miss M half her bottle at a time because Kay needs something, I have to juggle bath times now, I have to shove my food in my face at the speed of light because Miss M always knows when Mommy sits down to eat, and I am back to running my day to day schedule based off nap times and feeding schedules, school pick up and drop off times, and not to mention work! Poor work always gets neglected now. It is nice that Kay is big enough to do somethings for her self now, which makes it even harder to understand how people have a newborn AND a toddler! I guess you only know what you have and if I did, I would be adjusting to that too. They have different needs at different times and its my job to fulfil those- simotaniously! Its a juggling act and one that we all have to do as mothers.

Being a Mom is a JOB! and a full time-never ending-no time off job whether or not you have 1 kid, 2 kids, or 5 kids. Whether or not you are a stay at home, work at home mom, or work outside of the home mom. We all have households to manage, boogers and butts to wipe, and husbands to take care of. Notice this leaves little "me" time, but that's important too! I am still finding my way through being a mother of 2 and enjoying all the trails and tribulations that go along with it. Yes I am a mom, and yes I have done all this before, but I have never been a mother of 2! This is a whole new world to me. I look forward to learning new things, experiencing new things, being the best mom (of 2!) I can.


Jenni said...

Wow, Thanks for posting this- I know we talked about this when I saw you - but I think I will be living vicariosly through you for awhile, just to see how you manage.. hahah
You will do great- your correct its a total adjustment- just like when you had one and had to adjust to that you will adjust to two- although I find that one being a tad more difficult.. but YOU CAN DO IT!! ;0)
Also- I found myself laughing at the fact that Kay argues with you about who gets out first!! Sista's for ya..compitition has already began! hahah

Amy said...

i am glad you wrote this! I definatly want more but am freaked out to add another to the mix! :) I am sure it is a bit of an adjustment!

WantWait&Pray said...

Great post my dear! You're doing GREAT I'm sure. Two beautiful little girls and lots and lots of fun times ahead.
I'm getting nervous about how I'll be as a mom of 2 as well.....but I think the "normal" in life just has to be altered and soon we won't remember what life was like before the 2 miracles we will soon get to wake up to each day. :-)