Saturday, March 3, 2012

Away on Business

All next week I will be away on a business trip so there will be no bloggy poo. My mom and grandmother will be in charge of the kids. I feel 100% comfortable leaving them with them, but M's RAD has acted up again this week and I hate the thought of leaving her sick. So this weekend is Operation Get M Better before I leave on Monday morning. Since I'm going to be gone most of next week, I'll also be spending the weekend cuddling, loving, and soaking in every second with my babes. Oh and getting a spray tan. But like any momma, I hate leaving them for any longer than overnights (only because I miss them so!)

I get home on Thursday night, then I leave again on Sunday morning for a two day girls trip to VEGAS! My BFF from LA is meeting me there!! We haven't had a child free weekend together in SEVEN YEARS PEOPLE!! SEVEN YEARS! She is a working mom (Sweet D is almost 2) so this is loooong over due! I'm so so so excited and cant wait to tear Vegas up ;)

So I should have lots to post about and lots of fun pictures when I return! But for now, I leave you with some pictures from the week.

{Taking over the office yesterday}

{The Big Girls}

{Family Tea Party Last Night}

{Momma Rockin Red Pants}

{M Exploring The Park On a Sunny Day}

{Friday Family Movie Night, Last Friday Night}

{K's Self Portrait}

{A Fabulous Peach Color}

Hope you all have a super fabulous weekend! Be back soon!

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