Tuesday, September 20, 2011

School Days

If you've been reading my blog a while, you'll know that we've had a in home nanny coming to our house 2 days per week since M was about 4 months old. It was a dream come true. Nanny would come, take M out in the morning, pick K up from school, shuffle her to where ever she needed if go, and I could get some work done. I didn't need or want to have to put my itty bitty baby in day care (no offense to day care moms), but I was drowning in work. I just needed someone with experience to come and help out with M so I could get some work done. I found a great nanny with 22 years experience, it was the perfect set up for us and she has truly become part of the family.

Fast forward to now. I have a very energetic toddler who is learning, growing, and needs constant stimulation. Her needs have now changed. She no longer just needs a loving hand to feed her her bottles, rock or soothe her. She needs friends and a learning environment to help her thrive and grow and continue to give her the stimulation and interaction she needs right now.

Over the last month or two I have been touring preschools in our area, and let nanny know what my plans were, and although she will be greatly missed, this is whats best for M right now. And it is my job as her mother to make sure she is getting what she needs.

 Last week, I found the most perfect school for her. I knew as SOON as I walked in that this was the place for her. They were signing, have a very low child to teacher ratio, all the teachers have degrees in early eduction or similar and it was just amazing!

So October 10th my little Miss M will be starting "school". She will continue on the same schedule, 2 full time days per week, which is so nice. I am SO SO SO excited for her because I know she is just going to love it, and it's going to be so good for her and good for her speech (which has really exploded lately, finally)! She didn't want to leave when we went for our tour. She hugged and was trying to kiss the school director. My little sweet pea. She's growing up TOO fast.

And you just wait until you see this......

UMMMMM yeah, that would be MY 2ND GRADERS school photo!!! When did my 7 year old turn into a 25 year old news anchor??!! Can someone please tell me that??! Because to me, she's still my little baby and its crazy to see her like that.

Kay is doing amazing in 2nd grade!! She's reading huge chapter books (or teenage books as my mom likes to call it), loves math (its her favorite), is such a great student, and is still the same social butterfly she has always been. She gets 2-3 phone calls per week for play dates from different kids in her class. Lets just put it this way, she has WAY more of a social life than I do! WAY more! She amazes me everyday!!!


Momma Wilson said...

both the girls are growing up so fast and are so pretty! M is going to LOVE her little school. Sometimes drop offs will suck, but overall, it's going to be amazing for all of you. Jackson is a whole different kid now, and you know how much I loved our nanny! Besides, hopefully the nannies can come back sooner than later for our new babes:)

Amy said...

um, how stinking cute. I had to LOL at the whole reporter commment but wow, shes def going on 25! Beautiful girls! We are going to send Brady to 'school' probably in the next month or so! I'm excited and drop off might be harder for me but I know he'll love it!