Friday, January 11, 2013

Check Me Out!!

A couple of weeks ago a good friend of mine who knows I get Botox regularly called me said "Hey Lisa...when was the last time you had Botox?" I told her it had been 3/4 months. She said "great well how would you like some FREE?" I said SURE....but there was a have to be on the news.

Done and done.

There is no shame in my game, and I advocate for Botox so WHY NOT?!

So I went the next afternoon, meet with the PR girl, my friend, and Heather Moore from CBS 5 along with her camera crew! The deed was done and I think I did pretty good! I was not nervous at ALL and everyone said I was a complete natural on camera. No retakes here ;)

It finally aired 2 nights ago, so here it is! Your truly on the 10oclock news :)

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