Thursday, October 2, 2008

All Set

I took my last BCP on Tuesday night and went in this morning for my baseline u/s, blood draw, and final teaching visit. I start follistim and my baby asprin on Saturday. I call medvoice tonight to get my starting dose and appt. time for my first follie check!

I have not been updating my blog because first I was sick and then I have not been sleeping well the last couple nights...therefore have not been my usual energetic self. Hopefully that will all change now that I got a decent nights sleep last night. YAY!

And I promise I will upload some pics soon!


Got the call...I start 150iu of follistim and 50units of low dose HCG on sat. and go in for my first follie scan on monday!


The Wilson's said...

Hey girl! I took all 10 of my Femara pills last night and I start 75iu of follistim on Saturday too! I'll do my HCG shot on Thursday.

So glad you got a goods nights sleep, I am hoping for one of those tonight:)

Tab said...

Yay!! I hope this turns out to be your miracle!