Friday, September 26, 2008

Got My Med List...Wowza~!

Yesterdays appointment was intense. Intense because it was SO much info to take in. First we paid *gulp* 10,050.00 to get going, met the IVF occorinator and we went over and signed the consents, which is a lot of info in itself considering it alone is about 20 something pages. Then we went over all the meds I will be on and when and how I will be taking them(I will get into that in minute), monitoring visits, and calendar. Then it was onto how to prepare the dosages and do an injection, etc. I have never in my life given myself a shot and I was SO very nervous about this! But after her showing me everything I feel alot better about this part of it all....although it is still quite scary to think that every night I will be giving myself up to 4 shots into my stomach! After the appointment I felt so much better, relieved I guess you could say considering I walked yesterday a nervous wreck about all this. On top of it all I have been feeling really crappy lately, like I am getting a cold and just have been really sluggish all day. I think I need a good day of rest.

So now onto the drugs....

I will start stims next Saturday using Follistim Then at some point I will be adding Ganirelix and low dose HCG to the list of daily injections. I will also be taking baby asprin and a pnv everyday. I will be going in every other day for a visit with the vag cam and to get b/w, then on CD 8 I will also start OPK's which that will be weird because I gave those up many a months ago.

When I have produced a good number of follicles I will do a trigger shot (my last shot!!) of either Ovidrel or Lupron depending on how things have progressed, have my ER, then I get to start a whole other list of meds! But at least I will be done with the shots at this point! After ER will start a oral steriod, Estrace, and a progesterone supplement(either PIO, suppositories, gels, or pills).

Stay tuned for the obligatory IVF Med pic, I am picking them up on Monday!! Now time to try and get some rest, hope everyone has a great weekend!

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WantWait&Pray said...

No lupron? Wow...I am so excited for you! We signed our consent forms on Friday too....we are all set to go! We've done the injection training- so we're just waiting to get started on Lupron. I'll be keeping an eye on your blog since we're really going at the same pace! CRAZY!!!