Sunday, June 21, 2009

I Chickened Out

After consulting with Dr. Google, (which is never a good thing I might add) I decided I am going to stay on the progesterone another week and stop once I hit 12 weeks. I trust my Dr's (RE said I could stop at 10 weeks 2 days, and the OB said anytime after the 10th week) but it is more for the piece of mind. I found that a lot of girls don't stop until they hit 12 weeks, and my OB said it was fine to stay on if I wanted, so 12 weeks it is.

Don't get me wrong I am really sick of it. Its gross, it leaks out, it gets backed up in there, then comes out...I know I know TMI but this is the truth people! I used to read other blogs about newly pg girls who would be scared to stop the progesterone and I though "I hate that stuff, that will never be me!" "Once they say I can stop, I'm done!" Well....that was before I actually got pg. Now I completely understand the "stopping progesterone" fear.

I have done this for the past 11 weeks, whats another 6 days right? Realistically I know I could stop now safely, but I am a infertile freak who is scared everyday that something is going to go wrong, that one day this will all be taken away from me, that this is all a dream. So if it makes me feel a little better, why not?


Hopeful34 said...

I don't blame you. I'd be scared as well. do what makes you feel better/safe. They are gross but you don't have long to go now until you can forget them for good.

Thomas said...

I felt the same way! It felt like I was giving up a safety net when I stopped it (I took it into the 14th week I think, just because that's how much I had). I kept asking the doctor if he was sure it was ok, and he assured me it was--and he was right, if that helps! :)

I've been following your blog for a few months. I have a 2-year-old son who was born after years of IF. Congratulations on your new bundle!

WantWait&Pray said...

I think I'd be the same way! Just do what brings you the most peace of mind- if staying on the nasty suppositories does....then you go girl! It's sad that infertility has made us so cautious, sometimes so overly cautious that it's hard to just "enjoy" the moment.'s the road we have to take sometimes.
I'm so excited to hear what you're having....just a few short weeks hun!!!!!

Leah said...

Hi. I just stumbled across your blog for the first time. I had to mention my progesterone story because I'm a firm believer in using it. Has your doctor been checking your progesterone levels? What reason are they giving to let you stop using it? I'm not trying to scare you, but I was on P4 until 18 weeks. I did weekly, and most often, bi-weekly P4 blood draws. My levels were all over the place and I had several drops which caused spotting. I stayed on it twice a day until my levels stayed above 30. Then took one a day and tapered off over a two week period. I really don't mean to scare you! I just want everything to be ok for you!

Lisa said...


Thanks for sharing. Actually they never said or checked my p4 before telling me I could stop, they just said that after 10 weeks pg, the placenta makes more than enough progesterone at that point and supplementing isnt really nessasary. But it sure sounds like it was in y our case!! I think before I stop I may have them check my levels, and then after I stop just for the piece of mind.


looking4#3 said...

This is all about YOU. If you are more comfortable waiting--WAIT!!! While I am not on them, I have the same fears and worries. It makes complete sense to me. Maybe once we get these babies in our arms we will feel better---probably not!!!