Thursday, June 23, 2011

Back on The Wagon

The fertility treatment wagon that is! Today is CD 2 and I will start meds tomorrow for our very last cycle. My RE changed my protocol a little this cycle as as result of what happened last cycle.

CD 3-7 100 mg Clomid

CD 5 & 8 a 75 unit shot of Bravelle

Start OPK's on CD 8

First monitoring appointment on CD 11- which is Saturday July 2 and we'll go from there.

If you remember last cycle I started out great, but then things started getting weird and I stalled out mid cycle, Because of this my RE said that he decided to up my clomid. He said it can help the follicles mature later in the cycle, and that's when I started having problems last cycle. He also switched my injection days, to only 5 & 8, not sure why but my RE is very conservative and I think he is scared that I will over produce.

Here's another thing, my actual RE will be out of town while I am cycling this time. I am very nervous about this. He knows my situation and we have very open communication with one another, so if things go array again we will be consulting with another Dr. in the practice. I mean, that's fine but this cycle is critical. It is our LAST SHOT and I just really wish my Dr was there. The nurse said she was going to ask if he will be available by phone in case we need him, and hopefully he will be. It makes me a little nervous, but I know I am still in good hands with the other RE's. One of them I've seen a couple times, he actually did both my HSG's.

You may also notice that I switched from follistim to bravelle. Well that's because the follistim I was using was left over from when I was cycling with M. I've used that up, and because I am all OOP and these meds are very expensive a sweet sweet IF friend of mine donated her left over boxes of bravelle! So a huge THANK YOU to her!! At least I don't have to worry about that expense.

Picking up my meds today and will start popping pills tomorrow night! Bring it on!


Jenni said...

You GOT THIS!!! Come on Baby P I know its in there somewhere!! =)

Jennifer said...

Best of luck this cycle! I'll say a prayer for you. It was very sweet of your friend to give you the leftover Bravelle -- IF friends are the BEST!!! xo