Friday, May 6, 2011

CD 10

I walked into my first monitoring appointment this morning all bright eyed and bushy tailed ready to see what was cooking in my ovaries this go round. I knew something was going on on the left side because starting yesterday I've been getting twinges and fullness on that side..but I was totally not expecting to get the news I did... 

The nurse scanned my right ovary first. I have (2) 15mm follies and a few more tiny ones on that side. Then she moved on to the left...I have SIX yes SIX follies on that side ranging from 11-15mm. I was in complete and utter shock that I respond the way that I did this time. I have always had 1-3 follies and have been on this protocol before, so I was completely  stunned. So as it stands right now, I have a 50% chance that this cycle will be cancelled for over stimulating. We are hoping and praying that the smaller ones stay small, and that the bigger ones stay dominate and continue to grow.

I go back on Sunday for another scan to see where they are at. If I have more than 3-4 mature follicles Sunday we will be cancelled. I really really hope that isn't the case because that means all the money we've spent so far, all the meds, etc. was a complete waste. But the risks of having multiples (heck even twins scare the shit outta me!!) would be far too great to proceed and one that I or my Dr. would not be willing to take. We'll see what happens on Sunday. FINGERS CROSSED!

So please if you can spare a few extra prayers for me and my ovaries it would be greatly appreciated!!! Thank You!!


Jennifer said...

Twins aren't so bad - I swear!! Just kidding, it's a tough pregnancy and I want you to have a safe, healthy 9 months. Best of luck to you this cycle. I am PRAYING you aren't cancelled for over-stimulation.

Have a very happy Mother's Day with your girls! xo

Nichole said...

You got my prayers! I remember those days all to well. I was really scared when we had 5 eggs ready to go. We went ahead with an IUI, but I had a very early chemical. Ended up pregnant on my own 2 months later! Good luck and best wishes with everything!!

Kristen said...

Holy Moly! You are a follie makin' machine! I really hope that the little ones stay small and you get 1 or 2 nice big dominate ones. Praying your cycle doesn't get cancelled! Oh and I'm with you on the twins thing. NO THANK YOU! haha