Monday, May 26, 2008

Decisions, Decisions...

After a long talk with my husband about our situation we decided that we should take the next step and make an appt. with an RE (a reproductive endocrinologist, or a infertility doctor) We already know that we will have to see a RE to get pregnant and just want to move forward. He will still continue to see and receive treatment from the urologist, but a urologist does not get you pregnant. They just treat some of the male issues that keep you from getting PG...which even in our case wont be enough to be able to conceive on our own.

And let me tell you how much research is involved with choosing a RE. We have to look at so many factors before deciding. Success rates, pregnancy rates, how many cases of MF (male factor) do they treat, percentages of ICSI (most commonly used with IVF for couples who have MF), among other factors before deciding on which one we will go with. We have already started our research, but it is alot to go through.

So let the journey begin....I am exited, nervous, scared, and optimistic all at the same time. We also will be paying out of pocket for all of this, and that is alot to swallow considering that the average IVF is around 12-15K for one try. EEEKKK! But I am so ready to start whatever necessary to have another baby.

On another note: I am taking Kay to the park and out to lunch with her best friend S. They dont get to see each other as often anymore because they no longer go to the same school, and our schedules, she is so excited!! Plus it is a perfect park day...just beautiful out! I hope everyone has a great Memorial Day!


Michelle said...

Congrats on moving forward and I wish you the best of luck!

We're taking the kids to the splash park today here in Avondale. It is beautiful out.

PeasOut said...

I don't have the words to epress how I feel. Part of me wants to say "Yay for the next step" but the rest of me knows that this is a step you never wanted to have to take. So I guess, the best thing for me to say is just good luck. I hope that you find an RE that you click with and gives you confidence, and I hope you dont have to work with them for very long. If IF is a journey, then it has to begin at some point. The sooner you take the crucial first step, the sooner you get to the end, I suppose.