Tuesday, May 27, 2008

June 12th!!

That is the BIG day! Our first RE appointment!!

We even made another appt. with a different RE for a few days later in case we don't like the first one. I know we have not even been seen yet, but just having the appt. makes me feel so much better....relieved I guess is the right word. I am excited to start the process, even though I know it is going to take many more months.

However, we also had a another set back with my DH. The clomid, even after they increased the dose he was still getting severe hot flashes and decided he no longer wanted to take it. It hasn't worked up till this point anyways, so I don't blame him. The dr. agreed and told him to stop taking it. The shitty thing is that now he has to be med free for ONE MONTH, then get blood work again before he can even start something else, then it takes 3 months to even see if it WORKS.....Ughhhh I hate MF!! Every step with male factor takes so damn long. Men.....figures! So we are at another stand still with him at this moment. Next up for him is probably the weekly HCG shots. Which I have heard are very expensive, so we'll see. Hopefully (and this is what we are hoping for) once we start seeing the RE we can move forward with IVF w/ICSI if that's what we need, and he wont even have to continue the treatments he is on (given he has any sperm at this point) If not, then he will probably stay on the treatment plan until he can get to a point where we can do IVF.

But at least we are moving forward and will be under the care of an RE, who's job it is to get women pregnant. So that makes me feel somewhat better at this point. So now we wait!

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Amber and Brian said...

Yay for setting the appointment! Boo for men taking so long.

Good luck good luck GOOD LUCK!!!