Saturday, May 31, 2008

Well That Explains It

I got AF almost a week early than normal this cycle, she came unexpectedly which explains why I have been a evil bitch the last 4 days. On another note, this is the first cycle since I started charting that I actually ovulated, although my LP was only 10 days which I think can be problematic. I was still happy to see those red cross hairs, after months of nothing. I am still waiting on my CD 20 blood work I had this month. They were supposed to have the results to me within 7 days, and well its been 10 days and now its the weekend so I wont find out until next week. That sucks, I hate waiting.....

I saw Sex and the City last night and it was amazing!! I was very happy with how it ended! Now us Sex and the City fans finally have some closer : )

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