Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Change of Plans and Eating Organic

After DH's Dr. reviewed some of his old labs that we found yesterday, he still wants him on the clomid for for now. My hubby was not too happy about that either. Hopefully with the higher dose the hot flashes will subside but it can take up to 3 weeks for the body to process and get everything working the right way. They said the hot flashes are from the testosterone being SO low still , not a side effect from the clomid. Instead of him being on it a month before they check his levels again, they are going to have him come in in 3 weeks. I am PRAYING WE SEE AN IMPROVEMENT this time around.

Poor DH, he is all out of whack right now : ( I love him so much for going through all of this and being so supportive and caring. He is fine if we had no more children (We have Kay, and he has 2 from his previous marriage) but he knows how important this is to me and knows that I truly will not feel complete until I have another child. This is a true example of what love and marriage is all about.

Off to Whole Foods now to buy some organic groceries. I eat almost all organic now and am trying to switch over DH and Kay to eating organic ONLY. Kay is doing fine with it, but DH is not too thrilled about some things. He is a picky eater anyways, but I am going to make him do it for his health and he will just have to get over it : ) I told him he will get used to it and just to think about all the CRAP he is putting into his body by not eating organically.

Operation All Organic is now in progress!


Michelle said...

That's great that your husband is doing all this for you. It really does demonstrate how much he loves you!
And that's funny about eating all organic and your husband just has to suck it up. Haha. That's totally how I am... I want to do something and I drag junior and the kids right along with me!

Michelle said...

Too funny about eating organic and making your husband suck it up. It's totally something I would do... come up with a new idea and drag my husband and kids along with me!

Good for you though. I really have tried to start eating a little healthier and go walking once a day. I am trying. If I had someone to go to the gym with... I would join one. I need someone to help motivate me before I can motivate myself.