Monday, November 2, 2009

The Name Game

I was sort of on the fence about even posting this...only because its totally not fair for you readers!

The baby DOES have a name (well a first name, but its a start!), but it didn't come easy! If you remember me and my DH could not come to a middle ground and find a name that we both liked. And actually, he never once suggested anything, only rejected all the ones I picked. I had about 10 names or so, and he didn't like! It was really really hard for me to even come up with that 10, and most of them I wasn't "thrilled" with really. His whole take was once we see her "it will just come to us". Ummmm.....yeah right buddy!

So eventually I got sick of her being nameless. I really started to feel like she needed a name for me to be able to start to identify her as a real person, not just the baby. So one day, one of the names on my list just sort of stood out to me. THAT was her name! Its almost like when you find your wedding dress, and you have that ah-ha moment and just know that's the one! DH didn't really like it. He said it was too short...too Italian...too this...too that. And you know what I said..."well you'll get used to it, because that's going to be her name!"


No...not really...but hey what did he expect me to do?

So that's how she got her name : )

I am sure you are all wondering, well what IS IT? And this is the un fair part...I cant tell you. I know, I am mean today right?! The thing is that this is the internet and I don't share Kay's full name (no, its not just Kay if you were wondering!) and I don't feel comfortable posting names and such on the internet for my own protection...there are a lot of weirdos out there!! I hope you understand. It starts with the letter M though : )


Stacey said...

So now we will have Kay and M, maybe we should shorten Kay to K hehe! I'm so happy you gave her a name, maybe the middle one can just come to you so DH thinks he got a say hehe!

Jenni said...

Woohoo I know what it is very beautiful and it will fit her perfectly. ;)

Hopeful34 said...

MIA!!!! lol...i'm sure whatever it is it'll be beautiful just like her. Can't wait to find out! Have fun at your shower & with your BFF!!