Monday, December 14, 2009

36 Week Progress Report

I went to the Dr. again today and here are the stats:

- Weight gain: 4 POUNDS!! Since last week!! How on earth is that possible? I have even been eating less because I haven't had a big appetite. I guess it was catch up time since I did not gain any the last 2 appointments.

- 2 cm dilated now (was 1 cm last week)

-50% effaced (no effacement last week)

So we are making some progress!


Ann and Chris Armenta said...

Yay! Looks like things are going along nicely and your precious LO will be here soon :)

bella1021 said...

not my last appointment but the one before that -- woha it was my 37 wks one) i gained 4 pounds too! this last one... was just 1# ;) PHEW!

you are getting closer!!! I have my 40 wker appointment on Thursday now.. so we shall see what happens...

Jamie said...


WantWait&Pray said...'s getting closer!!!
So excited!!!

Hopeful34 said...

OMG you must be getting so excited!! Oh i can't wait to meet this little one. She is going to be beautiful!!