Saturday, December 12, 2009

36 Weeks! And More Updates

At almost 6 pounds and still packing on the pounds at a rate of about an ounce a day, she is comparable to a crenshaw melon and more than 18 1/2 inches in size.

How far along? 36 weeks
Total weight gain/loss? No weight gain at my last appt. so I think I am at 25 pounds total.
Maternity cloths? Yes, and am outgrowing those. Even my maternity shirts are getting too short. I only have about 3-4 shirts I can wear.
Stretch marks? If you remember me saying last week that I *thought* that I might be getting 2 small ones on the under side of my belly, well I was right. They are stretch marks. BUT they are not big, red, purple, or ugly (yet). PRAYING they don't get worse.
Sleep? Not great, but that can be expected at this point.
Best moment last week? Finishing the nursery!! (Yes, pics...I know, I will take some tomorrow I promise!)
Movement? Slowing down. I can tell she is running out of room because its a lot of rolling type movements, or a knee/elbow/ankle sticking out rather that fierce movement.
Food cravings? None really, still cold milk.
Gender? Girl
Labor signs? Oh yes, or I can at least tell my body is getting closer to labor. My BH contractions are getting painful and I am getting A LOT more of them. I am pretty sure I have lost my mucus plug too (more on that below) So not really "labor" signs, just my body preparing for labor.
Belly button in/out? I don't think it can get more out.
What I miss? Normal cloths.
What I am looking forward to? Meeting my baby!!
Milestones? Her turning and getting head down!

So I just realized that I never updated you all after my OB appointment last week. So here goes.

I got my first internal, and let me tell you my cervix must have been in my throat because her hand was way up there!! Needless to say I was 1 cm dilated, but my cervix was still "thick". She is pretty sure she is head down down now, and that makes sense because everyone has been telling me this last week that I look like she dropped. It also makes me very very happy! No scheduled c-section! I had my group b strep test too (which came back negative)!


Later after my appt. I went to the bathroom and was pretty sure that I lost some of my mucus Dr. must have really shakin things up in there! Then yesterday I lost more of it. I am pretty sure that's was it. Totally different that my experience with Kay, it came out all at once with her in the toilet about 2 weeks before she was born and I knew exactly what it was. This time, since it came out in pieces I was kind of thrown for a loop.

Also, my BH contractions had me thinking I might be in labor one night this week. They were really strong and painful and lasted an hour and a half before they finally stopped. The only thing was there there was not a consistent pattern. I would get 3 within 10 min. then none for 10, the 1 every 5 min., etc. so I just waited it out. I knew that if it was real labor they would have never gone away. Again, SO different than my last pregnancy. I told a friend that if I was a first time mom this time around I would be at the hospital 3 times a week thinking I was in labor because these contractions are strong and painful now, and I get them a lot.

So I am going to weekly Dr appointments now. I will posting my progress as the end nears!!


The Wilson's said...

Yay for losing your plug, sweet girl is going to be here so soon!

just me, dawn said...

oh, so exciting! it is coming close. I had to chuckle about your vanity post as I have taken the other road....this weekend I finally shaved my legs after, well, I don't even know how long, but leg hair can grow pretty long :)

bella1021 said...

You may beat me after all!!
Good luck!!! Not tooo much longer!!!!