Saturday, January 30, 2010

THIS is Why We Have Unrealistic Expectations

Here is a photo of Kourtney Kardashian a week after giving birth to her son Mason that was to be featured on the cover of a major weekly magazine talking about being a new mom and dropping the baby weight...

Except that THIS is the photo that ran on the cover

Notice her tummy was drastically reduced- No one looks like this 1 week after giving birth..NO ONE! Not even Kourtney Kardashian herself! This just pisses me off. This is exactly why we (women) place pressure on oursevles to bounce right back into pre pregnancy shape; because we are constantly bombarded with these unrealistic images. I mean we can't check out at any grocery store without seeing someone who just had a baby, that is already rail thin 2 weeks later. The editor of these weekly's must be men, because any woman surely must know that it took 9 months to get that way and its going to take some time to get off. That is unless you are Gisele Bundchen, are 6 feet tall and only gained 15 pounds while you were pregnant. Then maybe, just maybe you can look like this.

This is not normal, it is completely unrealistic and these magazines have got to stop! I'm not saying stop publishing articles about new moms and the hardships that go along with it, but STOP the airbrushing! STOP insinuating that these celebs are some how better than us because they can drop 40 pounds in 5 days, because its not real and why pretend like it is? I promise, I will still buy your magazine! As a matter of fact I would buy it more often just to see that celebs are just like me! 

Okay...I'm done : )


Amy said...

A-freaking-men....damn men who run magazines,lol

osuraj said...

If they do lose the weight that fast it's because they had the nip and tuck special...which I'm pretty sure a lot of celebs do after giving birth. You are right though-it sets unrealistic expectations!