Monday, January 25, 2010

You Know Your a Mom When...

When you can do almost anything one handed; including typing and preparing meals!

When your husband says to you "honey you have spit up all over your shirt" and you say nonchalantly "I know" and have known it was there for hours and didn't care and/or have the time to change.

When you have serious conversations about poop.

When shaving has become a luxury. Hey you barely have time to shower let alone actually shave while your in there!

When you don't want strangers to even look at your new baby for fears that just them breathing in her direction will cause her to catch something.

When your 5 1/2 year old says "I'll be her mommy and you can be her big sister" and for a moment it sounds like a good idea.

When you leave your new baby even if its just for an hour or 2 with daddy and you feel incredibly guilty. Because you know...she's so little she needs her mommy!

When the slightest grunt, fart, or wiggle wakes you up.

When you finally feel like you have purpose.

and lastly

When you experience love like you never knew existed before; each time you look into their eyes...or see them smile...or the first time they tell you they love you...and when you cant imagine life or anything like it without your children. That's when you know your a mom.


PeasOut said...



Jamie said...

Very beautiful Lisa!

The Wilson's said...

LOVE this:)

Amy said...

So true. Spitup is always on me

Jennifer said...

I love the last two :-)

WantWait&Pray said...

Beautiful post sweetie! Sounds like mommyhood fits you perfectly! Put more pics up of baby M! :-)

Ann and Chris Armenta said...

I SO agree:)

And if your me you'd add- Having a camera attached to your hand 24/7 in fear you'd miss a precious photo op!

Jenni said...

<3 Love it!! :0) and so so so true..