Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Operation Get Skinny

Anyone that knows me knows that I take my appearance, diet and fitness pretty seriously! So the moment I popped out miss M Operation Get Skinny was officially ON!

I gained 20-25 pounds while going through fertility treatments (damn hormones!), then around 30 while pregnant. So that left me with a total of around 55 pounds of excess poundage to lose. On someone who is only 5'1 and normally weighs 108-110, that is A LOT of weight! I'm not worried though because 1.) I have lost a lot of weight before (after Kay) and 2.) I know how dedicated I am to my weight loss. Like I said, I was on a diet the moment after Miss M was born. I haven't wavered, nor will I until I reach my goal. Plus putting out such strong statements on this blog has got to hold me accountable right? : ) I surely don't want to look like an ass....and a fat ass at that!

I cant workout out for 3 more weeks, so in the mean time I have been keeping a very close eye on my diet. I have been following my own weight loss essentials (read about them here), and really watching my portions and carbs since I cant be active right now. Once I can work out again I will increase my caloric intake to adjust to my new activity level, but for now dieting (and no, the word diet does not hold a negative condensation for me) is all I can do.

I have already lost around 25 pounds, which leaves me with about 30 more to lose. I will be updating with my progress periodically. I can do this, and so can you for any of my readers who are trying to lose weight!

and remember my friends...

"Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels"


Amber and Brian said...

I seriously wish I had your dedication. I want to lose a litle weight, but mainly focus on being healthy and getting in that habit again these next two or three months until I get pregnant again, so while I'm pregnant I dont gain a whole bunch of weight. I already have 50lbs to lose as it is.

so whenever you're ready to get back into the gym just let me know. Plus I haven't seen you since the last time we worked out probably! Long time ago.

WantWait&Pray said...

Have you heard of that belly bandit?
Also, are you bfeeding M?

You probably look GREAT already after having her and you'll continue to look fantastic I'm sure. I'll be looking to you for advice on how to lose the baby weight in a few you are an inspiration to me!

Anonymous said...

Wondering whether or not you're breastfeeding while dieting. What does your doctor say about that? I would be worried about cutting too many calories in that case. Let us know.

Lisa said...

To those that asked...No, I am not breast feeding, so I can diet without worry. We have been exclusivly formula feeding from the start.

and to Want, Wait & Pray:

I have heard of the belly bandit, and wanted to get one! The only thing, is that my tummy is still quite tender, so I wonder how comfortable it might be. But I am interested!