Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Isn't it Ironic?

That when infertile and trying to HAVE a baby you go on birth control pills??! I mean it is called an oral contraceptive for gods sakes!

Today I was prescribed birth controls pills. So I can have a baby.

Odd right??? Its just so weird to think. All my infertile friends know this, but for those that aren't familiar BC pills are often used when dealing with infertility treatments to help regulate your cycles (so they then can be manipulated), suppress your normal cycle for timing purposes, and/or to help prevent or shrink ovarian cysts. It really works to your favor when trying to have a baby because they can tailor your start/stop time, then introduce drugs to stimulate you to ovulate. It gives you (or your Dr.)control over your cycle and the timing of things rather than waiting on your body to naturally decide when things are done.

So I am sure you are wondering where things stand since last my last update on the infertile front? Well I went in today (CD4) and my cyst had shrunk considerably! It was pretty much gone, and everything else in there looked good. I also got my blood work done, but wont know the results of that for a few days. However, since I am all out of pocket and because I have an amazing RE who is really looking out for me, we decided that it was best that I go on the pill to prevent any further cysts, to help regulate my cycle, and also to avoid another 395.00 dollar ultra sound!!

Normally you would go in on CD 3 before proceeding with any stimulation meds (meds to grow eggs, to then trigger to ovulate) to insure there is no left over cysts because meds just aggravate them and cause them to grow larger. So if you have a cyst, you cant cycle that month. This way by me being on the pill we will KNOW I wont have any cysts, therefore can call in on my CD 1 to get my monitoring schedule and start meds and bypass that CD 3 ultra sound! I swear I love him.

So the plan is to start the pill tonight, call in on my next cycle day 1, then proceed with the same protocol that gave us little M (minus the frozen sperm part). 50 mg of clomid, 75 units of Follistim, then trigger, and IUI. I have to say its going to be SO nice to have a normal 28 day cycle, rather than my typical 35-40 day'ers. I also have to say this all seems so surreal. It doesn't even seem like I am really doing this again. Am I even ready for this?! Holy cow!

Bring on the birth control!


Jaye said...

Eeek! I'm so excited for you Lisa!

Amy said...

wahoooo! Well, not about the pills :)

Kristen said...

OMG! I can't believe you are getting started! So exciting!!!