Monday, January 31, 2011

Infertility Testing Update

So you all know I had my repeat HSG last cycle and the plan was to finish up my testing this cycle, then we would be free to pursue treatments anytime after that. Much much MUCH to my surprise I started AF on Sunday morning, making it a 28 day cycle!!!!!!! Which is AMAZING!! That has not happened since I was on the birth control pill years and years ago!!! Happy dance! I am lucky to have a 35 day cycle, so I was very surprised...although it makes since why I have been so evil this last week. Either way, I was happy and who knows maybe this will be a new trend...I sure hope so!

I called in on Sunday to schedule my cycle day 3 testing, which includes a visit with the vag cam (a internal ultra sound), and blood work to check hormone levels. I also scheduled my follow up consult with my RE for 3 weeks from now, as he wanted to see me after I completed my testing but before we start treatments again. Done and done.

I went in today to complete that testing and what do ya know....Momma's rocking a big 30mm cyst on my right ovary! And I paid 765.00 for them to tell me that and that I cant get my b/w done with a cyst. Figures. I hate being out of pocket too, that makes it so mcuh worse! See this is how infertility works unfortunately, and THIS is why it takes months and months to get things done! So I'll have sit out a whole other cycle and go back in on my next CD 3 to check to see if the cyst is gone, and if it is then I can finish up my testing and consult with my RE. So at BEST I cant cycle until April. And that's if the cyst goes away and if my body cooperates.

I am pretty sure it will be gone, this isn't the first time I have have a large cyst. And all the other times I've had one it was resolved by the next cycle thankfully. So we'll see. I'm not too upset because I didn't plan on cycling again until April or May, so it's fine. I actually sort of laughed because Of course I have a cyst...I've been through this all before, so I know how it goes. Still sucks when you are trying to do something or get something done and things beyond your control are stopping you. I just hope this is the only bump in road, because I haven't even really gotten started yet and this is our last shot!

Oh and did I mention that I hate being out of pocket?


Kristen said...

$765 for an ultrasound??? Holy Sh*t!!! That's terrible! I guess I shouldn't complain about my partial coverage.

Lisa said...

Well the 765 was for the CD 3 testing, which for the u/s that was 395.00 and then the b/w that was 400.00. I couldnt get the b/w done yesterday, but since I already paid for it, I wont have to pay for it next cycle.

YES, ANY help would be great so I always tell people who have even a little coverage ho lucky they are...I am going to go broke!!!!!