Wednesday, March 30, 2011

What's Happening.

I haven't had much time to blog lately. Work has been crazy and Kay is on spring break this week. My regular computer has a virus so I am being forced to use my lap top which makes it harder too- boo. So I thought I would post a run down of whats been happening until I can get back to blogging! Lets see where do I start....

Well lets start with whats been happening on the baby making front. As you know, I've had issues on the pill this month. Well I spotted and bled for the WHOLE 28 DAYS. I took my last active pill last night, but considering I just stopped bleeding 2 days ago, who knows if I will actually get a period. I called my RE's office on Monday to let them know whats been going on and to basically tell them I think I should stay on the pill another month before I cycle again. Two reason: 1.) being the obvious; my body is clearly out of wack and 2.) if I did cycle this month as previously planned and got a BFP my due date would be the EXACT same (within 3 days or so) of M's. And I dont like that.  I think that M and said baby deserve their own birth months. Plus, its just a really bad time to have a baby (christmas/newyears).

 I am totally fine with waiting another cycle and doing a treatment in May (it was my idea, my RE's thought I could possibly still cycle this month if I get a period) so thats the plan. But I will say this, I WILL cycle in May. I HAVE too. My meds expire in June and that's also when we are due our sperm storage fee, so no matter what I will be doing an IUI in May. Hopefully another month on the pill will straighten me out better!

The girls are great. Kay is on spring break this week so we are filling the days with lots of fun play dates and activities. Today we went to the Children's Museum and both girls just had a blast! Tomorrow it is supposed to be in the 90's so we have a water play date planned. I am loving Kay being on spring break and spending the extra time with her. We are really making the most of it and are having a ball :)

I am working on M's 15 month update. Can you believe that?! There are lots of new things going on with her, including using a spoon and her 15 month well check coming up. I am also working on planning Kay's 7th birthday party, which is in 3 weeks! She is having a pool party!

Because I am on my laptop I cant post pics, but I have tons to share soon! Be back next week for sure! Miss my blog :(


Momma Wilson said...

good to hear from you:) keeping our fingers crossed that we're both pregnant this summer!

Jenni said...

WOOT WOOT on the baby making plans.. So hoping this goes the way it should and you end up with a BOY!!!! weeeee..... hahahah

Amber and Brian said...

You know, I was thinking about you the other night... do you think the antibiotics you were on because of your tonsilitis could be why you were spotting? You know, since antibiotics supposedly cancel out birth control and all?

Good luck! You WILL cycle in May! Yes, you will!