Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Our Hail Mary Cycle

It's official. We are starting our final treatment cycle. This is it folks! It's our hail mary-please-god-let-it-work-or-we-will-never-have-another-baby cycle. I called into my clinic on Monday (CD 1) only to find out that my RE was on vacation. My plan was to have my CD 3 scan scheduled with my RE so we could also discuss protocol changes. Sort of a two for the price of appointment. Well once I found out he wasn't there, I told the nurse what I had in mind for this next cycle. All injects and NO clomid because of the headaches. It was so bad last cycle that I swore I would NEVER TAKE THAT DRUG AGAIN. I would rather take the shots every single day than deal with those headaches.

She said she would talk to the other RE and see if he was willing to go along with it. I wasn't so sure he'd be okay with it based off looking at my chart...I mean they are pretty conservative and given my age (28/29 next month) and the fact that I have had 2 successful pregnancies, and at my RE himself has twins, they are VERY CAREFUL with me. I get it. I don't want HOM, or even twins either, but lets loosen up the reins here a bit. The last 2 haven't worked and this is my last shot. We are using frozen sperm, so LETS DO IT! I wanna go out with a bang!

After waiting patiently for the call to get the go ahead or not, I was very surprised when they called me back and told me that they called MY RE on vacation to go over my med protocol. See? This is why I love them! They all know SO much is riding on this. They are all really rooting for me, and I just love them.

Well he went along with it! A very conservative injectable dose, but he went along with it! I start the shots today! My protocol is as follows (I will be using Bravelle again):

CD 3 : 100 units
CD 4, 6, & 8, : 75 units

Start OPK's on CD 8 (man those are the devil) and come in for monitoring on CD 11.

I started doing some reading and it seems like when people are on only injects, they start monitoring much sooner than CD 11. For those of you who have done inject IUI's- should I be worried? Do you think they should bring me in sooner? As you can see it is a very conservative dose, but I know the injects really speed things along and you can go a lot sooner.

I have never done all injects before so I am VERY interested to see how things go this time! Hoping for 3-4 nice mature follies. Follie dust please :) Lets get these eggies growing!


Momma Wilson said...

Oh praying for your hail mary cycle!!! I keep thinking about you and a little boy;)

Jackson's cycle - I did Femara to help my lining. That was the only pill we took, the rest was shots.
CD 5: Femara - 25 mg. Take 10 pills at bedtime
CD 7-11: Folistim 75iu x 5 nights.
CD 12: Check E2, LH, P4 and another ultra sound. Needed another night of Folistim 75iu
CD 13: HCG Trigger
Timed intercourse 24 and 36 hours later...

So, I wasn't seen again until CD 12 on shots. And I never had to use a OPK.

Lisa said...

interesting. Protocols are always so different..its seems like its a total crap shoot! How many mature follies did you have that cycle?

Momma Wilson said...

I know, it is a total crap shoot! I don't think I had more than 2 follies...they read out a bunch of numbers during my us and I didn't really understand:) I know they wanted to let them get bigger and I didn't come back before we triggered.

Jenni said...

I like her thinking "BOY".. =)
PRAYER PRAYERS PRAYERS!! and follie, good eggie dust!!

Jennifer said...

Praying for you again this cycle. Good luck!

Kristen said...

No injects here, so no helpful advice on that. And I have to agree with Momma Wilson on the boy thing. I have always thought if (I mean when!) you get pg again, it will be a boy. Even though I know you would love another girl...

Good luck! Can't wait to hear how this cycle goes!

Lisa said...

You guys are funny...we'll see! Although I would love another girl, I would be thrilled with a boy (even though I would know what to do with it, lol)!