Friday, July 8, 2011

What a Week

My week started with a fabulous blow from The Dry Bar, my new favorite place. 35 dollars, 7 different blow outs to chose from, 30 minutes, and fabulous results :) I mixed 2; the Cosmopolitan and the Southern Comfort to give me volume on top with loose curls on the bottom. LOVE! Its not good that this place is 10 min. from my house lets just say that okay?

We've enjoyed lunches by the pool. Its been scorching hot here (read 115+) so we have had many a days by the pool this week.

Kay had to get 2 teeth pulled at the dentist :( We had to make room for those big teeth to come in, and if we didn't extract they would have started to come in side ways and all sorts of funky. My big girl walked out all excited and said "Mom, guess what? I lost TWO teeth! I didn't even know they were wiggly!" She did amazing, but its going to be a while until the ones they pulled grow in. The roots were very long, but at least now the one next to her one big one can come in straight! There will be more of these extractions in her future unfortunately.

 Miss M thought it would be funny to run from Mommy while I was trying to get her to sit on the p.otty....

Catch me if you can!

And my little cousins from Houston are here visiting. One is 13 and one is 10 and Kay has had SO much fun spending time with her cousins and we've stayed very busy running around entertaining them. Another bonus, is because we've been so busy I haven't thought much about my 2ww! I am 4dpiui today and started my progesterone supplements yesterday. Chugging right along, nothing to report yet. Have a great weekend everyone!


Jennifer said...

LOVE your blow-out! Looks fabulous! The girls are as adorable as ever and I hope you're all coping with the heat :)

melifaif said...

LOVE your hair...hmmm...might have to look into those here in Houston. And teh catch me if you can look is the best!!!!