Thursday, July 14, 2011

Search Terms

I thought I would share some of the funny searches people do to get to my blog...Some of them are interesting!
  • iui
  • the pieces of my life
  • everybody births
  • pieces of my life blog
  • "cd 8" clomid
  • necklace carrie bradshaw got from alex
  • operation get skinny
  • pieces of my life blog lisa
  • small dainty necklaces
  • saggy skin after baby (Nice that my blog pops up for this right, hahaha!)
  • everybody births
  • pieces of my life kay
  • trying to have baby p
  • giuliana and bill places they go (remember the book signing?)
  • giuliana and bill write a book
  • pieces of my life - infertility
  • what is it like having a sperm analysis (LOL!!)
  • body after baby
  • carrie bradshaw necklace
  • tryingtohavebabyp blogspot com
  • carrie bradshaw
  • instant bronze body spray
  • 10dpiui symptoms
  • 5 dpiui not feeling anything
  • after all the pieces fall giuliana and bill
  • ergo sticks
  • guliana and bill book they wrote
  • snowflake themed birthday party
  • 10piui + BFP twins (How and the hell does my blog pop up for this??!)

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