Thursday, December 22, 2011

Favorite Things: Kiss Nail Sticks!

I'm sure you've seen or heard about these things by now. They are basically stickers for your nails! They are actually called Nail Dress, but I call them Nail Sticks! : ) I wasn't that interested in them until I was sitting in a Dr's office one day last week and I complimented the nurse on her beautiful jewled nails. She said "Thanks, but you know they are just those stick on sticker nail things you can get at the drug strore and they last about a week".

After that I HAD to try them! I've been trying to be more budget on the wallet friendly, so these last few months I have been doing my own nails and toes. And well you know my nails be lookin raggity!

I ran down to Walgreen's later that day and stocked up! They had so many to chose from. Solids, jeweled, animal prints, and all different designs. I couldn't decide which ones were cuter, and which ones I wanted so I bought 4 boxes (wait, is that counter productive to me being frugal?)

Anyways, the next day I was feeling up to the challenge. Everyone (and the box) said EASY, ONLY TAKES MINUTES FOR PERFECT NAILS, but you know how that is. Suuuuuurre. So when M was down for her nap, and the big girls were at school I was ready to roll. I chose the pretty Lacey design because we were going to to see The Nutcracker Ballet that night.

And I am being 100% honest when I say ANYONE CAN DO THIS! And it was really SO EASY!! It took about 10 minutes to put all of them on, the directions are short and simple, done! Really, anyone can do this! It is fool proof! And you can have beautiful LACE nails in 10 min. for only 8 dollars!!

I was sold! The next challenge was to see how long they actually lasted. The box says up to 10 days, but I know better. So here they are after 4 days.....keep in mind I am really rough on my hands. Lots of dishes, washing hands constantly, wiping asses, you get the idea...

Then I was wondering how do you get them off? Well that was super easy too! You just start peeling them up from the bottom and they pretty much come off in one piece.

Bottom line, even though they only lasted 4 days (for me), it is still one of my new favorite things. A beautiful 8 dollar manicure for the weekend?? Hellz yeah!

So I peeled off the old, and put on a new pair this week! Just in time for Christmas...

 I also painted my toenails yesterday and added some to my toes. Not perfect, but pretty awesome huh?!

So if you've been wondering about these like I had, GO FOR IT! You wont regret it! (Pretty designed) Pinky promise ;)

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