Saturday, December 10, 2011

Life Changes

During our last treatment cycle (aka the Hail Mary Cycle) I decided that if I didn't get pregnant that I would continue on with my life, embracing it as a mother of 2, and to try and pursue some things for me. Something that didn't involve children, babies, our my husbands business, or the kids schools, etc. Something solely and entirely for ME and MY future that didn't involve shopping ;)

I was pushing M one brisk morning on one of our morning walks, and decided that that something was to go back to school. Because finally, at the age of 29, I just figured out what I really want to do when I grow up. And that's HR/HR management. Its what I'm good at, its what I love.

I have completed about 2 classes shy of an associate degree already years ago when I thought I wanted to major in business marketing. Well now that I've had 6 years of real world work experience under my belt running a business on the back and front, doing, marketing, PR, managing employees, bookkeeping, tax liabilities, insurance, and everything else in between with operating a business,  I've discovered that although I am interested in marketing, it really isn't something I would want as a long term career.

So I decided, (although I have no idea how in the hell I am going to do it) to go back to school to pursue an HR degree!!

Again, I really don't how how I am going to make it work yet, and I know its ambitious to try and juggle working, 3 kids (and a possible 4th, more on that later!!!), being a PTO board member, and my volunteer work, but baby steps is what I keep telling myself. I'm just going to start with 1-2 classes to find a groove, and yes it may take me 5 more years to complete, but its something I've wanted for so long, that I've always put on the back burner. But now its time. Its time to do something for ME.

I start January 14th!


bella1021 said...

OH sounds great!!! Good luck!!!

um.. what is the deal with #4?!?!

Stephanie said...

This is a great step for you! Even if it takes long, it's something that will truly make you happy as a person, which will lead to you being an even happier mother!

Amy said...

That is great! I haven't been back since Brady was born but I worked full time while working on my masters (but never finished!) and i'm prob going to go back eventually, so you let me know how it goes :) I wish you luck, you'll find a nice routine and be able to get stuff done! Good luck!

andrea said...

You go girl!