Friday, October 21, 2011

Blondes Do Have More Fun

I love hair appointment days. Being a fake blonde, there are many. I go every 5 weeks to be exact, and that's even pushing it. Naturally I have very dark brown hair...see exhibit A, B, and C (me at about 7 years old...and probably the last photographic evidence of natural hair) : 

Once I hit about 11/12 I started coloring. First it was just with Sun In, remember SUN IN??! I also added lemon juice to my Sun In, because someone told me that would make me blonder. Still dont know if this is true...Then, once I hit about 16 I started getting highlights. Nothing too drastic, but noticeable.

I went blonder and blonder from there. I was full on blonde, until I got pregnant with K at 21. At that point I didn't want to be bleaching every 5 weeks, so I grabbed store bought hair color and went back to dark. And when she was bout 2 years old, I gradually went back to blonde. Even though I was born a brunette, I really feel like a true blonde on the inside. I toy with going brunette again one day just for the change, but deep down inside I AM BLONDE! It's me, it suits my personality, and yes it is very high maintenance but I love it! Call me crazy but I'd rather go hungry than miss a blonding appointment ; )

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