Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Favorite Things: Francesca's

Let's talk about Francesca's, because I feel like every woman on the planet should know about this place! It is by far one of my favorite places to shop for cloths for myself. And if you're an Anthroplogie girl like me, but don't want (or have) that kinda money on cloths then Francesca's is going to be YOUR new favorite place to shop too!

It's a much smaller verison of Anthropolgie, with the same boutique-y feel. Same style and variety of cloths, but with a much smaller price tag. They have cheeky books and gifts, an awesome jewelry selection, and some of the cutest shoes and handbags you will ever see! Every time I go in there, I just about die. I usually head straight for the sale racks, where a typical top will be 38.00 with an additional 30% off. But the best part, is its not typical. Every time I wear a Francesca's top, someone comments on it! They seriously have the cutest stuff.

Like today on my morning outing with M, I scored these frocks (on sale!)

The ONLY thing I have bad to say about Francesca's is that the selection in the store varies quite a bit from what you will see online. There are tops you can find in-store, but not online. Colors, and styles you see in-store, but not on-line, and vice vera. I much prefer shopping in store, and even more so with this place. I really need to be able to try things on, etc. and with the way so many of these tops are cut, it is even more crucial.

So hopefully there is one near you,! Check it out, you wont be disappointed! Happy shopping :) 

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Hoping for our own Peanut said...

That is my GO TO store when I need something for a special party/outing/etc. I LOVE it! And I will often shop online, get free shipping and return whatever does not fit at the local store. I was considering going there to get something for my nieces baptism this Sunday! Thanks for the reminder. ;)