Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My Wish List

With the our anniversary that just passed, and Christmas just around the corner, you know I've already started working on my wish list. And since I know how to get exactly what I want, I emailed it over to my hubby. This would bother some, they want them to pick something out, they want them to think of something they know you'd like, but we don't play that around here. I email my husband with a list of exactly the things I want. And I get. And that's just the way we like it. Here is my list this year! I may not get everything, and that's okay, but I like to give my man some options :)

This new fragrance by Lancome, Ô de L'Orangerie exactly my kind of scent!! I fell in love with it at the store.

Ugg Lattice Cardy Boots in Sand (size 6!)

And some new Calphalon Cookware. I don't need a whole set, but I would like to replace my most used saute and sauce pans!

What goodies are on your wish list this year?


Kristen said...

My husband and I do the same thing! He is THE hardest person to shop for! So that's why we started doing lists. Oh and I LOVE my Clarisonic! I hope you get yours!

Courtney said...

Nice list! It's reminding me to send my list off to the hubs! I'm thinking a new pair of uggs, and a LV wallet that I've had my eye on for a while...