Monday, January 23, 2012

Let's Talk Apps

I've discovered some simply awesome apps for my iPhone recently, but also there are some tried and true apps that I just cant live without. Apps that make me wonder, "how did I come along this far without this app?!" Here they are, the apps that changed my life in no particular order:

Vlingo (for us iPhone's without Siri) this app REALLY did change my life and works so well! Great for driving, or while doing your makeup.

Groupon, Amazon, and Living Social. I check all nightly. There really are some AMAZE deals on Groupon. I admit, I am so addicted I buy probably twice a week!

Run Keeper. I use it for my outdoor walks/hikes/runs/ It has a GPS so it tracks your distance and pace. It saves all your workouts too, so you can see your improvements.
Lose It. A food diary app that I have found to be the far easiest to use.

Fandango. Best, and easiest app to check movies, movie times, watch trailer, and even purchase tickets. We use this app ALL the time!

Food...Table. A meal planning app that I haven't really explored too much, but it looks so helpful. I WILL start using it soon.

And in my "Photography" section my favorite are Camera+, Vintage Cam, Instagram, Pic Collage, and PictureFrames. I am a picture taking FANATIC! I use all of these multiple times per day.

Budda. Daily inspirational quotes...for when I need a pick me up, or just to make me think or brighten  my day.

I am not even going to get into my "Kid, Toddler, or Games" apps...that's a whole other post right there. So if there anything that I'm missing? What are some of your cant live without apps (only iPhone users please, sorry android- you drool). Hee hee  I kid...I kid...not really..

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:( I'll keep my droid to myself ;)