Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wordy Wordless Wednesday: Life Lately

More from M's Pinkalicious Party! Pictures by the amazing and oh so fabulous La Trisha at lsoucyphotography! She is a dear friend and I love her with a capital L.

That last picture is 4 generations! My grandmother on the left and my mother on the right, myself and my beautiful children! Amazing!

A rare sighting of the Hubs ;) and Yes, he wore Pink. She's got her daddy wrapped around her little finger.

We've spent a lot of time with friends, specifically Mya and M's brother from another mother Wyatt. She blogs- but not nearly often enough ; )

We've enjoyed playing with all of our new gifts from Christmas.

Kay and I have had some time to spend alone, which is so rare these days. We went shopping at H & M and had lunch together on Monday. It was divine and I love her so much. She really is growing up to be such a awesome, good, amazing, kind, smart, talented, beautiful, little girl. I am so blessed. How did I get so lucky?

And lastly, we've been spending a lot of time outdoors! Its been gorgeous out, and after the hellish summer, we are soaking in every second of this perfect weather!

Back to my regularly scheduling blogging soon.....and boy do I have A LOT to fill you in on. Miss You!

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melifaif said...

What a fab pink par-tay!?! I love it. Annnnnd that leaf perfect! Cheers to a great year.