Friday, February 24, 2012

More Heat Free Hair Styles

I love sharing these neat little hair tips because they are serisouly so easy! And ff you had a hairstyle that was this cute, that was this easy I WOULD WANT TO KNOW about it! So I share, your welcome, and I love you :)

Yesterday (and the 2 days before) M was sick, so I certainly wasn't worried about styling my hair. However, if you know me at.all you know I don't go leaving the house looking all raggity or not put together even if I'm dying, so its easy styles or a cute plain pony. But I do get tired of the same ole ponytail! Which leaves me with coming up with other things to do with it. So sometimes I do a little of this...a loose side braid.

Very effortless and cute right? That's air dried hair, from last night, side part, and braid on the same side as the part. Leave it after your first or second attempt, don't over think it or else it begins to look too "put together".

Done and done.

But who wants to deal with the kinky mess that was a cute braid the day before? Well that would be no one, which is why a lot of people don't braid nearly as much as they should.

So what do you do the next day? Well this, this is what you do....

Alias, the braided bun! Exciting right?! Again, don't over "do" it. I literally slept in  my side braid, so 1/2 of it fell out. I grabbed it all into a low pony and wrapped it up in another hair tie. Yes, the one securing the braid is still there, its just tucked inside! Simple as that and it turned out super cute!

So here are 2 more effortless hairstyles! Both super cute, heat free, and easy! Happy Hairsyling!


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Dana said...

Too bad that doesn't work on my ridiculously curly hair!