Sunday, February 5, 2012

Notes From Disney

You wouldn't believe this if I told you. Ms asthma or (RAD) has gotten SO bad since we got here. She was UP ALL night coughing, puking, coughing. Again, again, and again. She got maybe 5 hours sleep total. And can you believe there are NO pharmacies in the very near proximity of Disneyland? How do I know that? Well thats because at 12:30am last night I "ran out for some benedryl" oh you know, like normal at 12:30 at night, and THERE ARE NO PHARMACIES!

Nothing is working, have had to call the pedi twice already. I hate this for her. It's so bad now, I just had to leave the others at Disneyland and bring M back to the room for her breathing treatment- and that doesn't even help right now. Contemplating ER. At least gma, my BFF and the big girls are having fun! Their in Toon Town right MY toon town, but the real Toon Town.

Poor M, I just hate that thid is how her first Disney trip has started. But I just got her down to nap (finally) and I'm blogging from my phone because I can't make a move or god forbid turn anything else on.

To end on a happier note, Here are some pics from our trip so far :) Hopefully some better times for M to come!


Amy said...

poor m! Hope she feels better! That's totally not fair for a kiddo at disney!

Momma Wilson said...

oh this just makes my heart hurt! have you tried honey???

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear Miss M isn't feeling well. There is a Target on Katella. I believe there is a 24 hour Walgreens in front of it. Sounds like you needed it LAST night. I've been there to many times as a mom. Hope it gets better :)

PeasOut said...

The important question - Does M still have her hair?? :)

I'm sorry it's been rough so far.. hopefully you'll try something and it will be like magic!