Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Adoption Diaries: Chapter 3

Just in case your not to speed on this whole Adoption Diary thing see my label: Adoption for the update, then chapters 1 and 2.

{This post was originally written on 01-11-11}

Title: She's Here!!!

Juliette Isabella was born today at 5lbs 4oz and 19inches long. I'm such a ball of nervousness, crying, happy, excited, scared, all rolled into one. I booked a ticket for next sat and hope to bring her him next Monday the 23rd!! I'm just praying and praying that the BD (birth dad) finally gets 100% on board and is able to do the right thing for his little girl. I want nothing but the best for this new angel, and can do nothing else but leave it to god.

Stay tuned for Chapter 4...

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andrea said...

I am so so very sorry sweetie. What that woman did to you is not okay. I hope time helps you heal. Love.