Tuesday, February 28, 2012

3 Things

1.) M loves her new "Nastics" class! And she is by far the cutest one there. For realz, just look at her its totally obvs.

2.) Toddler are complete little weirdos. If you have toddler this is no surprise to you. Tuesday's and Thursday's I am home with M, and today she asked for a "unkin" (Pumpkin) shaped sandwich (turkey & cheese) and INSISTED on a side a Trix. I obligedd because she really is such a great eater and I knew she would eat all the good stuff first (and she did!)

3.) If you have an iPhone and take 18166372 pictures a day like I, then you must download this free app called Postal Pix. It allows you to order prints (and more!) directly from your iPhone using your iPhone pics! Of course you have to pay for your prints, but its pretty reasonable. I think 4x6's are .21 cents. I cant believe I didn't discover this sooner. Finally I will have some of these prints, because really some of my most precious pictures I capture on my phone and then I am too eRetared to do anything with them after that. This one is a WIN!

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