Friday, March 27, 2009

5 dpiui and Not Feeling Very Hopeful

I am pretty sure my IUI was the day AFTER I O'ed this cycle. I am pretty pissed off about it too...I sure do not feel like paying someone almost a 1,000 dollars to shoot my DH's sperm inside me if there is NO EGG in there anymore. Here's how it went down:

On CD 14 I took my OPK in the a.m. I thought it was positive, I mean it looked as close to positive as it was going to get so I took it with me to the RE's office that morning to see what they thought. Almost all the girls there thought that it was positive too. Then I showed it to the nurse and she said "Nope, still negative" and even asked her if she was sure about that and she insisted. Okay I thought, she is the expert here. They told me to trigger the next night unless my OPK was positive the next morning, then I would trigger right away and come in for my IUI on Sunday morning instead of Monday morning. Well the next morning the OPK was stark white. I started charting this cycle again and Monday (IUI day) my temp shot up, meaning I O'ed the day before. Meaning that I was right and my OPK on Friday WAS positive and I should have had my IUI on Sunday morning. For your veiwing pleasure here is a link to my chart once again.

I REALLY hope I am wrong here, or that there is still hope for this cycle. If this one is a bust we will be moving on to injectables (Follistim) next cycle, and even though I asked for it, it still freaks me out. I think because I did over stim once before on Follistim and also the fact that I HATE doing the shots. But if that's what's going to give us a baby then I will do anything.

Please pray that this cycle was not a complete waste.


Beautiful Mess said...

I hope this cycle wasn't wasted! Sending you lots of positive vibes!!!

Parenthood For Me said...

Isn't it great when you the patient seem to know more than the professionals. I hope you are wrong though. Just stopping by for ICLW. Check out my non profit if you get a chance.


Jenni said...

Oh no Lisa.. I hope this wasnt a wasted cycle!! Lots of Babyvibes.. We need to get that Baby P goin here!! :0)

Stacie said...

I hope this cycle wasn't a bust! I wonder if the nurse could have done bloodwork or a scan to check for sure if you'd O'd. It seems pretty dismissive to just say no and move on. Sorry about that. But, you are right when you said they are the experts--they do that stuff all the time.

Sending you good vibes for a positive!


hopefaithlove said...

Let me tell you I did this a few mnths to my RE and the nurse always insisted to trust the bloodwork and u/s not the OPKs and she was right... but I would repest my song and adance to her every month. Just a thought. Hoping this is it!

Stacey said...

I hope it wasn't a waste! I can't believe the nurse would just dismiss it that seems weird! Sending all my baby vibes your way!