Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Somethin's Cookin in There

I was waiting for the achy dull ovary pain to start...actually I look forward to it! It lets me know in some way that the meds are working. Last month I KNEW I would have a follie on the left ovary because that's where I was aching...and I was right. I had one 18mm at my CD 14 monitoring appointment. Well this month (starting this morning) I am achy on both sides. YAY!! I am hoping I have a nice big follie on each side at my appointment with the vag cam on Friday.

We shall see : )

Oh and I started charting again this cycle, you can click here to stalk my chart if you'd like! Still no positive opk's and that's where I want to stay until trigger time!

Oh and for those of you who are not dealing with IF, the picture above is what your ovary looks like (or at least my PCOSish ovaries) on the vag cam u/s. Those round black spots are follicles, which each hold a egg. Although the ones pictured are not mature follicles, when they are mature they are much bigger than the ones pictured. There's your daily IF lesson by Lisa : )


stacey said...

So glad you're feeling achy:-) That always makes me feel like my body is doing what it's supposed to do...finally.

WantWait&Pray said...

Thank you for your comments- I really needed that encouragement! I hope this is it for us being you and I both! I really really am praying for a couple rockstar follies in the next few days so when you trigger, they are READY to go! I was the SAME way when I did IVF the first time, the uncomfortable achey feeling meant my body was working- so bring it on! GOOOOOOOD LUCK!!!!