Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Let The Games Begin-CD 11

Thank god the clomid crazies are over and now it time we move onto the second half of the show which is daily OPK's starting today, CD 11. I go in on Friday morning for my follie check u/s to see what I've got cookin. Unitl then its sex and opk's BUT you gotta have at least 2-3 days abstinence before the big IUI, nothing like trying to schedule for something you have no control over.

I have a confession.

Last night I spent $82.74 at Walgreen's on opk's and pg tests. That's a lot of money! I was the crazy pg test lady in line. The best part is that when I got to the register the guy obviously knowing what I was buying said to me "so your trying for that boy huh?" with a smile on his face my reply "I'll take anything at this point" There is no shame in my game, and I surely didn't care to hide my IF from the Walgreen's guy.

The reason for my extravagant purchase? My clinic wants me to use the Walgreen's brand opk's, but since they are so hard for me to read the lines and everything I also bought the digitals (thanks for the idea Mrs. Nolan!). So if it looks like it could be positive then I will take a digital to confirm. Well then the pg tests were on sale, and a girl going through fertility treatments can never have too many of those!


PeasOut said...

Let me know if you need/want more pg tests! I have FRER and 2 CBE Digitals if you want them! :)

Lisa said...

Sure I'll take them...thanks!!

WantWait&Pray said...

Hahaha! That's awesome. Great story- hopefully you'll only need enough OPK's for this month!

♥Tabitha said...

I did the same thing...purchased the cheapo ones and then when I *thought* it was positive, I'd break out the digitals! I loved seeing the smiley face, and it was very reasuring!