Saturday, March 21, 2009

Welcome IComLeavWe-er's!!

Welcome to my blog! Today marks the start of the current IComLeav week, so lets get to commenting : )

If you are new to my blog here is a little about me and my journey:

My name is Lisa and I have a beautiful 4 year old (5 next month!) little girl named Kay. Me and my DH got married in October, 2007. K is from my previous relationship. I went off the pill in July of 2007 and started TTC that month...and here we are today. Still no baby. 20 months, 1 cancelled IVF, and 1 failed IUI later.

Our dx is severe MFI (low testosterone, motility, count, morph) and annovulation with PCOSish like ovaries. I have a run down of our journey in a column to the right of my blog, but long story short after my DH was on clomid with no results he switched to hcg injects and that seemed to do the trick. We had a failed IVF in Oct. 2008 (I over stimmed). We found out shortly after that that my DH now had *almost* normal sperm thanks to the hcg, everything is normal now except morph is still low. So we moved onto to clomid IUI's and I will be triggering for IUI#2 tonight. If this cycle is a bust we are moving onto injectable IUI's with Follistim.

I hope you enjoy reading my blog and hopefully become a regular commenter/reader.



Mary said...

Thanks for your sweet comment! How wonderful that the meds are helping your DH! Hopefully you and I both will be holding our little ones by this time next year

c by the sea said...

that's great that the hcg helped your husband's guys. i didn't realize they could do that.

good luck with your IUI! I'll be checking in to see how it goes. I just had my first IUI and i'm awaiting my beta on tuesday.