Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy 1st Anniversary

To my blog! This week a year ago, I started this blog as a way to get my feelings out there about what I was dealing with. Therapy if you will. Ultimately I made my miracle but there were many many times along the way that I didn't think I would get here. Wondering if it would ever be me? Wondering when it would be my turn? And now it is : ) and I cant tell you how many wonderful women I have met along the way through my blog. I love reading comments and getting emails from others that are/were in my shoes. I love knowing I have a support system, even if they are complete strangers. I have gotten a few emails from people saying that my blog is inspirational to them...what? My little blog? but ya know what, that was so nice to hear. Just knowing that I in any way helped someone or gave someone some good advice is the icing on the cake. So thanks to my readers...I am very grateful for you all!!

You will notice that I will not be posting much over the next week and a half and that's because tomorrow I am leaving for a 7 day cruise to Alaska!!! I am so very excited about this and I plan to enjoy every moment. Sick or not. Yes, as of last week my morning sickness (which is really all day sickness) kicked in full effect. Really not fun, and I am sure would be even worse on a ship. We'll see. Either way I plan on having a wonderful family vacation!!

I will post some pics when I get back! Have a great week! Oh and my next u/s is the Monday after we get back on June 8th. I will be 9 weeks 2 days then!


looking4#3 said...

Yes, I was definitely one who was inspired by your blog and it gave me some much needed hope!!! Have a great time on the cruise. Did ya get any Zofran??
Can't wait to see pics!! Do the whale watching tour--it was incredible!! Alaska is gorgeous!!

bella1021 said...

Happy Blogaversary!!

I am sorry to hear the sickness has kicked in... MAYBE the rockin' of the ocean with COUNTERACT the rockin' of the tummy and you will feel GREAT!! I know you will make the best no matter what! but if at anytime you can't just give a call and I will be on the next flight to Alaska in a snap- we can just photoshop you in some of the pictures ;) See you when you get back!! Have a fab time!

The Wilson's said...

Happy Anniversary! I hope you have a fun and safe trip - you deserve it:)