Monday, May 11, 2009

Mothers Day Recap

I started my day by opening my Secret Angel from a gift exchange that I participated in with my TTTC sisters that I love so much!! Thank you so much Tara for putting this all together!! We all agreed to open them on Mothers Day morning, and help each of one of them get through that tough tough day. See even though I have dealt with IF, I had secondary IF, so most of these women are still TTC #1, and all of them were in my hearts yesterday.

Preheated Oven was my secret angel and got me the Angel of Friendship, a gift set, and a cute pair of socks (she remembered that I was looking for cute socks!!) She sent 2 cards, one said this on the front:

"She discovered her real measurement had nothing to do with numbers or statistics"

and on the inside she wrote:

I am so happy you beat the statistics, wishing you a happy and healthy 9 months!!" The other one said Strength on the front and she said "Always remember you have it" So thoughtful...

I cried when I opened the card and was just so thankful that I had such a amazing, supportive, caring, women there to help me along the way. So THANK YOU so much for the wonderful gift, I cherish it and I plan on wearing the socks to my first u/s next week!!!

Then, later that day my DH and Kay walked in from the store with some beautiful pink roses, a baby boy balloon (I will explain that in a minute), and a card that Kay had signed "I love you Mommy"

Now, onto why my DH got me a Baby Boy balloon. Ever since we started TTC, even before we had trouble DH always joked with me that I was going to have a boy because he knows that I want another girl so bad!!! So now, he has been telling me that I am PG with TWIN BOYS! It is sort of a ongoing joke between him and I so when he walked into the room with that balloon I about died laughing!! Anyways, I love it and I had a wonderful Mothers Day this much to be thankful for and so much to look forward too.


Jenni said...

Thats so cool about your gift from the other TTC ladies.. :0)
and your Hubs is too funny!! But I LIKE IT!! Your so having boyS..

Yep. I called it.. :0)

Lisa said...

No jenni...dont say that!! hahahahha! I really want another girl, but honeslty I will be thrilled with either.

Andrea said...

I am so glad you liked the gifts:) I am in constant amazement at all of the great TTTC women, and am happy I get to be part of such a great group. (well...not 'happy', I wish none of us had to be part of the group, but glad we have each other)

looking4#3 said...

So very thoughtful and sweet!!!!

When I got pregnant this last time, I "secretly" wanted another girl SO BADLY. Obviously, we got a boy. I have to say---Thank God I wasn't the one making the decision. I am so glad God knew better than me and gave me what I thought I didn't want!!!

Little boys are AMAZING.
Personally, I think you are having one of each!!!!