Sunday, May 17, 2009

I Lied

We had a company bowling party last night and one of our employees (who constantly thinks have been pg for the last year and a half) made me look him dead in the eyes and tell him that I wasn't pregnant. Little did he know, I had my fingers crossed in my pocket. The whole time he kept making comments to me about the "baby" and so on and so on. I am sure it didn't help that I didn't drink a drop of alcohol, was wearing a really flowy dress, and my boobs are the size of watermelons. Afterwards, I felt really bad about denying my pregnancy and even apologized to the baby on the way home. I do want to shout it from the roof tops, but at the same time I know at only 6 weeks anything can happen.

So until then I guess I am a liar. Or self protector which ever way you want to look at it.

3 more days until my u/s!


looking4#3 said...

Can't say I blame you. I would have done the same thing. It is a white lie--and they don't count!!! I am sure he will understand when the time is right!!!
Can't wait for you U/S on Wednesday! What do you think--one, two or more???

Samantha said...

I had to lie at the beginning a few times too, and I felt so guilty!

Lisa said...


At first I was thinking twins, and the last couple days I am thinking that there is just one in there. Either way I am thrilled!! Cant wait to find out already...this is worse than the 2ww!!

Hope said...

I don't think of this as a lie at all - you are just doing your job as a mom :)