Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Because Babies Need Stuff

I have started looking more seriously into baby gear and so far this is what I have come up with. I still need to test drive and look some of these items in person, but these are things I like so far!

Lets start with strollers:

The Bumbleride Indie stroller. There is a infant seat adaptor bar so I can buy just about any infant seat I chose and it will work with this stroller:

The Peg Perego Switch. I love this one because as shown in the pic below the handles are reversible, so baby can face you or away from you! Love that! check out the link for other uses.

Now onto bedding!
Here are a few boy options that I like. I have noticed that I don't like a lot of the kiddie looking prints, rather more modern or simple ones.

This one is from Pottery Barn:

Love the look of this one from Restoration Hardware, the whole look here really makes it:

This bedding and look is so adorable and soothing, including the crib (its one of my favs):

Girl options:

I really like this set, I have seen it in person and it is SO beautiful and unique! The swirls are velvet and it is really rich looking:

And this one...very feminine and again very plush looking:

Finally, this one from Restoration Hardware (love the satin!):

Lastly, here are some cribs I like, again just really started looking. I have not decided on anything yet, but I do know that the crib will be a dark espresso finish as the ones pictured below.
Not sure who makes this one:

The Tribeca collection by Bedford:

The Munire Newport collection:

The Bonavita Cabana collection:

So I would love some feedback from you all! Especially if any of you have any experience with any of these items/brands!!


ASHELY said...

GIRL!!!!! we are so alike....I am looking at your decisions, on baby gear and nursery decor, and I am like "she is reading my mind" ::giving you a thumbs up:: I hope your doing well. I haven't been able to nest at work b/c they blocked social networking sites, so it sucks having to catchup with the TTTC board as well as SAIF board after work. miss you.

Anonymous said...

Hey, I'm a lurker. Been reading for a few weeks.

Just wanted to let you know that we own the first crib you put up. It's by Storkcraft. While we LOVE the crib, it's not quite as sturdy as we would like. The sides aren't "wood" so much as 'particle board'. But it looks nice and it was affordable. We did have to get some of the parts replaced due to packing damage. But the company was MORE than pleasant to deal with & the shipping was super fast.

Hope this helps!

the d'angelo family said...

My stroller vote is for the Peg. We have the Pliko P3 just like that (version without the reversing seat - didn't have that in '05 when I registered with my son). I LOVE having the two handles (great for shop-a-holics) as it's easy to hang bags from instead of the one large push bar. The reversing seat is becoming big again and highly recommended due to the PCC (Parent-Child Connection) publicity!

The Peg car seat is incredible too. We have the original Primo Viaggio before they added the side impact protection and I LOVE it! It is slightly heavier than the Graco SnugRide or their SafeSeat, but I just loved the "look" of it better than the "babier" looking styles they had in '05. Now the SnugRide and SafeSeat have that non-baby look to some of their fashions now as well.

Good luck!

Lisa said...

Thanks anonymous for the crib info, thats really helpful!

And to D'angelo:

I am plannning on getting the peg infant seat, so far thats my # 1 pick. I could use it with the bumbleride stroller too. I do love the reverable seat with the peg, but still want to find it somewhere to "test drive" it. I want to see how easy it folds, but by the looks of it, its pretty simple! thanks for your input!!

Jamie said...

All of your choices are absolutely adorable. Baby P is one lucky baby!

I am in love with the last boy bedding. I think is it so tasteful. and the first girl bedding has to be the cutest thing around. Great choices!

This is not helping my baby fever at all.

Dana Kozuback said...

I love the first girl set and the middle boy set! I love the stroller too! I hardly use my stroller, but I couldn't survive without my Mei Tai!