Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Working More With RESOLVE

This past April I volunteered at RESOLVE's Walk of Hope to raise awareness about infertility (for those that don't know RESOLVE is The National Infertility Awareness Association). Since going through my own struggles with infertility; specifically secondary infertility myself, and male infertility with my DH this has become such a passion of mine. I almost feel responsible now to raise awareness and help others who are/have gone through the same. I mean 1 in 8 couples deal with infertility yet no one is talking about it. Why? Being there that day made me realize that I was not alone. I was in a place surrounded by people like me, who were struggling to have a family like me. It made me want to do more, so shortly after I contacted them once again and told them I wanted to help the organization in any way that I can.

Soooo next on the agenda is to help out with this years Fall Family Building Symposium, here is an excerpt from there website telling about the event:

This Novembers seminar will feature professionals from both the adoption and treatment fields to cover a variety of topics related to family building. Participants will also hear from panels of RESOLVE members that have travelled various paths to build their families and ample opportunities for questions will be provided.

Basically, the seminar will consist of 2 rooms with speakers in the morning. One discussing adoption topics and the other room talking about treatment topics. During the lunch hour there will be a "round table discussion" where you grab your lunch and actually get to sit down with a professional and ask questions. Each table will have a different topic; such as PCOS/Endo, male infertility, treatments, infertility 101, etc. Then in the afternoon, we will have a panel of members who have actually GONE THROUGH various family building techniques (someone who went through IUI/IVF, someone who had high order multiples, some one who used donor sperm/eggs) where couples can connect with other people who have gone through the same thing.

I am just so very excited to be able to help out with something that I am so deeply passionate about. Even though I am pregnant now, my infertility wounds still run deep and I will not stop fighting the fight!!

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ASHELY said...

hey sweetie. where is this happening at? I aren't you from the northeast (general) area? I live in western mass, and would love to attend something like this.... if you can, email me details. ashely929 at gmail dot com.